Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Uncle Devil Show

The Uncle Devil Show are a Scottish band by Langton Herring, Jason Barr and Terrence.

Strangely these three guys were mixed up with the famous Justin Currie (from Del Amitri), Kevin McDermott (from the Kevin McDermott Orchestra) and Jim McDermott (brother of Kevin McDermott and also from the Kevin McDermott Orchestra).

Justin Currie clarified: 
"It has recently come to my attention that some bunch of tossers calling themselves The Uncle Devil Show are being claimed by some to be something to do with Del Amitri. Let me state once and for all that nobody in Del Amitri has any involvement whatsoever with these pricks and having heard some of their woeful attempts at indie-pop ... has no desire to be. Anyone claiming that members of Del Amitri are associated with the above group may well find themselves talking to our lawyers. Where this absurd rumour came from I don't know but I'll hazard a guess that these desperate self-promoting talentless limpnecked whimsy-peddaling bedwetters are something to do with it, though I'm sure they'd deny it. I hope this clears up any confusion."

Kevin McDermott added another denial:
"I know nothing about Uncle Dennis or his Shoes."

The crux is: They lied.
So, Justin Curry and the two McDermott brothers released the record "A Terrible Beauty" in 2004. Sadly it was a single record project.
The songs are somewhere between The Beatles, Del Amitri and classic Power-Pop - and definitely worth to listen. It's one of the records I never got rid of.

Track list (have a listen to the highlighted tracks):

1. "Leonardo's Bicycle" 
2. "Gilbert O'Sullivan"
3. "Tambourine"
4. "Bimbo in the Limo"
5. "Plus Ca Change"
6. "Angie Baby"
7. "She Cuts Her Own Fringe" 
8. "Strange Umbrella" 
9.  "Dandelion"
10. "Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker"
11. "When Raymond Comes Around"
12. "I Had a Drink About You Last Night"

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  1. They get an A-plus for writing a song called "Gilbert O'Sullivan"!