Friday, December 11, 2020

dodie - Build A Problem

dodie (yes, no capitals) is a British singer-songwriter, YouTuber and author.
With almost two million followers on YouTube and one million on Twitter she already released three EPs - and in 2021 she is ready for her first full length record: "Build A Problem". Listen to the first two songs (Cool Girl, Rainbow) here:
I'd recommend to buy the record at the official store. You can get the CD, a deluxe edition (double CD), vinyl, cassette (!) and other merchandise: 

Del Amitri - Fatal Mistakes

Del Amitri are back in 2021 with their new record "Fatal Mistakes" (out on 30 April, 2021).

Buy Fatal Mistakes here (signed CDs, vinyl, Outtake CD, T-Shirt):

Mike Viola - Godmuffin

Mike Viola is back - his new record "Godmuffin" is out NOW!Listen to two songs from it here:



01. USA Up All Night

02. Creeper

03. Drug Rug

04. We May Never Be This Young Again

05. All You Can Eat

06. The Littles

07. Superkid 2, Trying To Do The Thing I Was Born To Do

08. Honorable Mention With Jam Show

09. People Pleaser, You’re The Man Of The House Now

10. Ordinary Girl

11. That Seems Impossible Now

You can buy the record (LP, CD) as well as merchandise (T-Shirt, Poster) at Grandphony:

Friday, November 13, 2020

Aimee Mann - Bachelor No 2 Vinyl (RSD 2020 reissue)

Singer/songwriter Aimee Mann will release a 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition of her acclaimed album, Bachelor No. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo at the Black Friday Record Store Day on November 27, 2020. 

It will be a coloured double vinyl release with five additional tracks from the Magnolia OST.

It's limited to 4000 copies.



Side A
1. How Am I Different
2. Nothing Is Good Enough
3. Red Vines
4. Optimist

Side B
1. Deathly
2. Ghost World
3. Calling It Quits
4. Satellite

Side C
1. Save Me
2. Driving Sideways
3. Just Like Anyone
4. Susan
5. It Takes All Kinds

Side D
1. One
2. Wise Up Re-record
3. Momentum
4. Build That Wall
5. You Do

Del Amitri - Fatal Mistakes (new album in 2021)

Del Amitri are pleased to announce the release of their seventh studio album, ‘Fatal Mistakes’, on April 30th via Cooking Vinyl. 
Their first album since 2002, ‘Fatal Mistakes’ will be released on CD, vinyl and digital formats. Get a download of brand new song ‘Close Your Eyes and Think Of England’ when you pre-order the album. 
Listen and pre-order here
Frontman Justin Currie: 
‘Fatal Mistakes’ were made over three weeks in March, in a stately home in deepest England — thirteen of them —resulting in the first Dels’ studio album since ‘Can You Do Me Good’. A fine time was had by all. It’s a collection of bizarre tales of poisoning, pleading and bitter acceptance, powered by guitars, drums and keyboards played entirely by the quintet who had such enormous fun on the road in 2014 and ‘18. ‘Close Your Eyes and Think of England’, is our European valediction, a ballad of pure bile and remorse, sweetened by a sledgehammer of sarcasm.
Watch the lyric video for ‘Close Your Eyes and Think Of England’ here: 
The Del Amitri official store offers a selection of exclusive formats including coloured vinyl, cassette and very limited test pressings (also signed). It also offers a bonus CD that features five unreleased tracks from the ‘Fatal Mistakes’ recording sessions. 
Visit the store at:
Fatal Mistakes’ tracklist:
1. You Can't Go Back
2. All Hail Blind Love
3. Musicians And Beer
4. Close Your Eyes and Think of England
5. Losing The Will To Die
6. Otherwise
7. It’s Feelings
8. I'm So Scared Of Dying
9. Mockingbird, Copy Me Now
10. Missing Person
11. Second Staircase
12. Lonely
13. Nation of Caners

Saturday, June 13, 2020


Cavetown is an indie pop an indie rock singer-songwriter, producer and YouTuber from London.

He may be the the best example for a new kind of musician.
Cavetown's music is heavily interwoven with social and streaming media. In 2020 he reached about 4 million spotify streams. On Youtube he has 1,3 million subscribers and more then 160 million video views .

Cavetown released his fourth studio album, Sleepyhead, in March 2020.

Travis - 10 Songs / A Ghost

The latest Travis record will be out in October 2020 and is called simply 10 Songs.

The first single will be A Ghost:

Order the album (CD, LP, digtial, merchandise, signed items) here:

Badly Drawn Boy - Banana Skin Shoes

Banana Skin Shoes - the ninth studio album by Badly Drawn Boy, is out now.
As with every album by Badly Drawn Boy Damon Gough creates timeless microsphere of songs.

The first released track was "Is This A Dream" - Gough called the song "a sound collage of chaos and confusion to reflect the ridiculous times we live in... A deliberately cartoonesque sonic poke in the eye, to those in whom we place trust, yet instead supply constant barrage of misinformation followed by bad decisions".

New Music - June 2020: CATT - Coin - Dan Wilson - Fractures - Phoebe Bridgers - Dodie - Rufus Wainwright - Teitur

It's far too long since the last post. In the recent (in many ways troubling) weeks, a lot of thrilling new songs and artists have surfaced - and I'm quite excited for these songs!

CATT - Again

After her fabulous debut "Moon" CATT is back with her new song - "Again":

Coin - Simple Romance / Youuu

Dodie - Secret For The Mad 

The song is actually from 2019, but I discovered it (and Dodie) just a few weeks ago. Listen to her three EPs!

Dan Wilson - Try Love

 Another new song by Dan Wilson - and it's as always an exceptionally kind of art.

Phoebe Bridgers - Kyoto

Phoebe's new song "Kyoto" immediately got my attention. Her new record "Punisher" is out June 19, 2020.

Rufus Wainwright - Damsel in Distress

Rufus Wainwright is FINALLY back. The record is coming in July 2020, here is one of the already released four tracks. It's a blast!

Teitur - Enough

Fractures - Addiction

Monday, May 4, 2020

Owsley on vinyl!

William Owsley III, known in the world of music as Owsley has sadly passed 10 years ago.
Now you have the chance to put his extraordinary self-titled debut record on vinyl! You just have to vote (this is no preorder, it's just voting)!

Vote here:

So how does it work?
A record of the month will be voted. The one which wins will get a preorder window of 30 to 45 days where you can buy it. Then it will be manufactured which will last 2 - 4 months.

Wouldn't it be great if this will happen?

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Adam Schlesinger - A Life in Music

On April 1, 2020 the world lost a musician like no other: Adam Schlesinger died because of Covid-19 complications. He was just 52 years old.

I just want to remember him for what he was most famous for and for what so many people loved him - his music.

Tinted Windows

This supergroup was formed by James Iha (The Smashing Pumpkins), Taylor Hanson (Hanson), Adam Schlesinger and Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick).They had just one album - but it was pure pop awesomeness.

The Wonders - That Thing You Do 

It's hard to write about the song without doing it justice. "That Thing You Do" ist a musical supernova. Written by Adam Schlesinger and with Mike Viola on main vocals it maybe one of THE earworms in the last decades.
The fictional band The Wonders (or One-ders) performed the song in the same titled movie.

Fountains of Wayne 

The band formed in New York City in 1995 with Chris Collingwood, Adam Schlesinger, Jody Porter, and Brian Young. Adam may by most famous for this band because of the hits they had.


Ivy may be the first contact I had with the music of Adam. Ivy was formed by Andy Chase, Adam, and Dominique Durand. I instantly loved their songs - and still do. While not as famous as his other projects, it may be may favorite of him.

This damn virus! Stay safe everybody!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Bleu - I Wanna Write You a Symphony

News from Bleu: There are a bunch of songs (almost a complete album) he has finished. One of these songs is "I Wanna Write You a Symphony". Listen to it below!

Friday, March 13, 2020

The Lickerish Quartet (former Jellyfish band members)

The planets have aligned for THE LICKERISH QUARTET.
A supergroup of sought after songwriters and musicians, former members of the legendary band JELLYFISH.

The musical journeys of 

Eric Dover (Imperial Drag, Slash's Snakepit, Alice Cooper, Sextus),  
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Beck, Air, Cheap Trick and Imperial Drag) and 
Tim Smith (Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, The Finn Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Umajets) 

have synchronized for the first time since 1994. Just like any great relationship, they simply picked up where they left off.

The first single, "Lighthouse Spaceship" is out now! 

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Drake Bell - The Lost Album

The second album of Drake Bell was lost for 12 years. In 2020 - much to a surprise - it finally saw the light of the day.

Back then the hard drive with the songs was lost. Recently it was finally found in a damaged, dirty and wet box. Surprisingly they were able to restore it completely.
Drake Bell used the original tracks, completed it with background vocals and instruments and called the record ... "The Lost Album".

In short: it's a gem! The Lost Album is full of haunting harmonies & melodies - it's pure fun!

If  you've never heard of his music, try to start with: It's Never Over / All the Days of my Life / Nowhere Else / Sail On

You can listen / stream / buy it here:

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Pelle Carlberg - new songs 2020

It's finally time for new music from Pelle Carlberg, one of the finest Scandinavian singer-songwriters of our time.

12 years have been gone after his last record, aybe we will see a new album in the future?

Find more information about Pelle Carlberg HERE.

Pelle Carlberg

Sometimes I stumble upon songs and records I forgot about for a long time - and I rediscover them. A few days ago it hit me with Pelle Carlberg. And it hit me with a high impact. 

Pelle Carlberg was born in Uppsala / Sweden in 1969. He played in bands since 1985, most likely he is known from the band Edson

In 2003, after the final Edson record he released three solo albums and two EPs from 2005 to 2008.
For a start I recommend his solo debut "Eveything.Now!". 

Carlberg combines catchy and intimate pop with sharp lyrics. Someone (not sure, where I read it) said about him: "He sounds like Belle & Sebastian, but writes like Morrissey". I think that fits quite well and is quite a compliment. 

Cover artwork for the first solo record "Everything.Now!"

  • Go to Hell, Miss Rydell EP (2005)
  • Riverbank EP (2005) 
  • Everything. Now! (2005) 
  • In a Nutshell (2007) 
  • The Lilac Time (2008) 
Closing remarks:
Back in 2007 Pelle Carlberg's "Riverbank" music video was included in the video game "The Darkness". During gameplay, interacting with the TVs will allow you to watch this music video, which constantly loops on the "alternative" channel. 
That's how I discovered him. I don't think this happened to me with any artist. So thank you, "The Darkness".

Official Website:

Monday, February 17, 2020

Bleu - Discography (Official Records, Rare, Demos & Live)

So, here is it. The discography of Bleu - including official records, rare songs, demos and live concerts.
It's my complete list - I only shortened it by some live recordings. 
I hope you like it! Look out for stuff you missed and maybe you'll find some gems you never heard of.
Bleu in (circa) 2009
If you want to keep informed, visit the official website or the Bleu Facebook Group.

1996 (?) Bytes*

Brand new

1998 (?) Bytes*
Dark yellow
Dirty love
That's romance
The rocket

*remark: i don't have ANY information about this - and I'm not sure at all what's this about...

1999 A Bing Bang Holidang
01 - Mele Kalikimaka
02 - Jingle Bells
03 - Boston All Star 12 Dayz
04 - Snow Day
05 - Carol Of The Bells
06 - Silent Night
07 - Everybody Knows It's Christmas
08 - I Want My Christmas Back
09 - Snowfall In The City
10 - Bing Bang Holidang

11 - Merry Christmas

2000 Headroom
01 - Workaday Day
02 - Feet Don't Fail
03 - Save You From Yourself
04 - It's Not Over
05 - Searching For the Satellites

06 - That's Life
07 - Watchin' You Sleep

08 - The Waiter
09 - Terrible Secret
10 - Tremolo
11 - Shit Stained Moon
12 - Call Girl
13 - 3's a Charm
14 - Untitled
15 - Ducky

2000 Workaday Day EP
01 - Workaday Day
02 - Searching For the Satellites
03 - Feet Don't Fail
04 - That's Life
05 - Today's The Day
06 - Natalie

2003 Redhead
01 - Get Up
02 - I Won't Go to Hollywood
03 - That's When I Crash
04 - We'll Do It All Again
05 - Searchin' for the Satellites
06 - Could Be Worse
 07 - Watchin' You Sleep
08 - Somethin's Gotta Give
09 - Somebody Else
10 - You Know, I Know, You Know
11 - Trust Me
12 - 3's A Charm
13 - Feet Don't Fail
14 - Sayonara
15 - Ursula Major, Ursula Minor
16 - Dance Dance Babydoll Dance

2003 Redhead (Advance)
01 Could Be Worse (longer ending)
02 Won't Go Hollywood (alternate mix)
03 Somebody Else (alternate mix)
04 Where Do We Go When The Party Is Over
05 Something's Gotta Give (alternate mix)
06 Searching For The Satellites (alternate mix)
07 Ursula Major Ursula Minor (alternate mix)

2006 L.E.O. - Alpacas Orgling  (with Mike Viola & Ducky Carlisle)

01 Overture
02 Goodbye Innocence
03 Ya Had Me Goin
04 Distracted
05 Make Me
06 The Ol' College Try
07 Nothin' Will Ever Change
08 Don't Let It Go
09 Private Line
10 Sukaz Are Born Every Minute
11 Don't Bring Me Down
12 Money & Music

2006 Blizzard of '05
01 Freak me out
02 Let it go
03 Waiting
04 Come Back from yesterday
05 Whatever happened to us
06 Isn't That What Life Is All About
07 The Same

2007 Happy birthday EP
01 - Ducky
02 - Alex
03 - Fuzzy
04 - Grandot
05 - 40
06 - Kenny
07 - Fumiaki
08 - Kate

2008 The Major Labels – Aquavia (with Mike Viola & Ducky Carlisle)
01 The Major Labels (Got It Made)
02 Don't Hear a Single
03 Velveteen Queen
04 The Bitter Pill
05 Richard Randolph
06 Hummingbird
07 Jimmy Kenney
08 The Sweet
09 Ode to Somethin' to Cry About
10 Deja Vu (All Over Again)
11 Aquavia
13 Something To Cry About (Bonus Re-Release)

2008 A Watched Pot (Advance)
01 Save Me
02 Boy Meets Girl
03 Come N Go
04 The blame game
05 It can't be that bad
06 Go
07 Won't fuck you over (this time)
08 What Now
09 What Kinda Man Am I
10 No Such Thing As Love
11 The penguin song
12 I'm in love with my lover
13 Kiss Me
14 One Day
15 Singin In Tongues
16 When The Lights Go Out
17 Kiss Me (new version)

2008 Christmas Gift
01 Cold, Cold Christmas
02 O Come All Ye Faithful
03 Silent Tonight
04 I'll Be Home For Christmas (Live)

2009 A Watched Pot
01 Save Me
02 Come 'N Go
03 No Such Thing as Love
04 Boy Meets Girl
05 Kiss Me
06 I Won't Fuck You Over (This Time)
07 When the Lights Go Out
08 What Now
09 Go 
10 One Day
11 What Kinda Man Am I / The Penguin Song

2009 A Watched Pot (Bonus EP  -Four EP)
01 singin in tongues
02 don't take it personally
03 dead in the mornin

04 in love with my lover
05 the blame game
06 can't be that bad if it feels this good

2010 FOUR (Advance) 
01 - Ya Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar
02 - Singin' In Tongues
03 - My Own Personal Jesus
04 - Don't take it personally
05 - Dead In The Morning
06 - When The Dog Day Comes
07 - Evil Twin
08 - How Blue
09 - If
10 - In love with my lover
11 - Everythings fine
12 - B.O.S.T.O.N (Demo)
13 - I'll know it when I see it (demo)

2010 FOUR (Retail)

01 Singin' In Tongues
02 B.O.S.T.O.N.
03 How Blue
04 Dead In The Mornin'
05 In Love With My Lover
06 When The Shit Hits The Fan
07 I'll Know It When I See It
08 Evil Twin
09 Ya Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar
10 Everything Is Fine
11 My Own Personal Jesus (Bonus Track) 

2010 FOUR (B-Sides) 
01 If...
02 B.O.S.T.O.N. (live in the studio)

03 When the Other Shoe Falls
04 When the Dog Day Comes

05 Mailman's Son.mp3
06 Take Cover

07 Save it for a Rainy Day
08 Don't take it personally 

2010 Loud Lion (side project - advance) 
01 Love will break your heart
02 The hills have eyes
03 Loud Lion Theme Song
04 Lions den
05 Dawn of the dead
06 Lion eyes 

2011 Besides (B-Side compilation)
01 Take Cover
02 When The Other Shoe Falls
03 No Such Thing As Love (Original Recording)
04 Can't Be That Bad (If It Feels This Good)
05 The Blame Game
06 Don't Take It Personally
07 How Blue (Acoustic MiX)
08 If...
09 When The Dog Day Comes
10 Blow Up The Radio
11 A Watched Pot
12 Mailman's Son
13 In Love With My Lover (Demo)
14 Save It For A Rainy Day
15 Afternoon Delight

2011 Thistime Records - Together We Are Not Alone (Japan Relief Comp)
01 Bleu - Sakura (Cherry Blossom Bloom)

2012 Bleusikal 
01 I've got a New Record (part 1)
02 Magical Rewards
03 Without You
04 I Will
05 I've got a New Record (part 2)
Bleu - BLEUSiKAL (the mini musikal) - video for Pledge Music

2013 To Hell With You
01 Overture
02 To Hell With You
03 All Downhill From Here
04 In My Own Little World
05 Merry-Go-Round
06 I Have To Have You
07 It's Not Over 'Til It's Over And Done
08 Grasping At Straws
09 The Bottom Of My Heart
10 Endwell
11 Odd Future
12 Won't Make It Out Alive
13 Zihuatanejo

2013 To Hell With You - B-Sides 
01 Comin Up For Air (new Version)
02 Sakura
03 Oh No The Radio (Owsley cover version)
04 Where Do We Go When The Party Is Over (from Redhead sessions)
05 Zihuatanejo
06 Baby Come Back

2014 Loud Lion - Die Tough
01 Love Will Break Your Heart
02 Lion's Den
03 Lion Eyes
04 Die Tuff
05 Loud Lion (A Theme)
06 Damn Of The Dead
07 The Hills Have Eyes
08 Sunset Slip
09 None More Fast

2014 Tinker Bell & the Legend of the

01 The 1000 Year Comet
02 Float
03 A Strange Cry
04 Fawn Discovers Gruff
05 Observing Odd Behavior
06 Becoming Friends
07 Strange Sight
08 Naming Gruff
09 The Scouts Hunt for Gruff
10 Meeting the Fairies
11 Going to See the Queen
12 Nyx and Queen Clarion
13 A Starry Night
14 The Storm Approaches
15 Building the Towers
16 Nyx Chases Gruff
17 The Scouts Capture Gruff
18 He Saved Me _ The Transformation
19 Collecting Lightning
20 Into the Eye of the Storm
21 Fawn and Gruff Fall from the Sky _ Mourning Fawn
22 Rebuilding Pixie Hollow
23 Strange Sight Reprise
24 Saying Goodnight
25 1000 Years (Bleu & KT Tunstall)

2015 The One and Only PPL MVR EP 
01 People Mover
02 Mad
03 Annie
04 Day Of The Dead
05 Let's Take This Outside

2016 Johnson & McAuley - Illuminated Dream

01 Illuminated Dream
02 The Promise
03 Heartbeat Beatin You
04 The Secrets You Keep
05 Diametrical
06 No More Fear

2016 Redhead Record Club 
01-Somebody Else (RRC version)
02-Searchin' For The Satellites (RRC version)
03-Trust Me (RRC version)
04-Well Do It All Again (RRC version)
05-Watchin' You Sleep (RRC version)
06-Sayonara (RRC version)
07-Feet Don't Fail (RRC version)
08-Every Loser's Winning Tonight
09-Where Do We Go (When The Party Is Over)
10-Could Be Worse (alternate party mix)
11-Terrible Secret (Redhead version)
12-2 Cool 4 School (re-mastered)
13-Just A Song (re-mastered)

2016 Yacht Rock*
01 Song of the Whales (Bleu _ Joshua Kaufman)
02 You Say Its Over (Bleu _ Joe Seiders)
03 Tell Me Something (Huxley)
04 The Seas of  Love (Bleu _ Joshua Kaufman)
05 Shadow of Your Love (Huxley)
06 Dolphin Bay (Bleu _ Joshua Kaufman)
07 Skiff Riff (Kron)
08 Turning Dials (Kron)
09 Pitch and Roll (Kron)
10 The Skipper (Bleu)
11 Manatee Time (Bleu)
12 Stacking the Deck (Huxley)

*remark: i don't have ANY information about this - and I'm not sure at all what's this about...

2017 Mr & Mrs - Christmas EP 
01 Kiss for Christmas
02 That Holiday Feelin'
03 Feel Like Christmas

2018 - 2019 Songs 
Love You So
Fever Dream

2019 PPLMVR - The Chosen
02 NML


2008 Bleu Collection I
01 Somebody Else
02 Singin In Tongues
03 Boy meets girl
04 I Won't Go to Hollywood
05 Come n go
06 We'll Do It All Again
07 Ya Had Me Goin
08 Go
09 Goodbye Innocence
10 Get Up
11 I Won't Fuck You Over (This Time)
12 No such thing as love
13 Save me
14 Watchin' You Sleep
15 One Day
16 It Can't Be That Bad (If It Feels This Good)
17 Kiss Me (new version)
18 The Blame Game
19 Nothin' Will Ever Change
20 Could Be Worse
21 Sukaz Are Born Every Minute

2009 Bleu Collection II
01 The Major Labels (Got It Made)
02 Don't Hear A Single
03 I'm in love with my lover
04 Freak me out
05 That's When I Crash
06 Hummingbird
07 Waiting
08 Come Back from yesterday
09 Searchin' for the Satellites
10 When The Lights Go Out
11 You Know, I Know, You Know
12 Somethin's Gotta Give
13 Velveteen Queen
14 Distracted
15 Trust Me
16 Sayonara
17 The same
18 3's A Charm

2010 Rare Songs 
01 Bleu - Suckers Are Born Every Minute (Demo)
02 Bleu - One More Night In America (LEO Bonus)
03 Bleu - You Might Think (Cars cover)
04 Bleu - Ordinary breakdown (unreleased)
05 Bleu - Terrible Secret (Redhead B-Side)
06 Bleu - Don't Leave Me Hanging (unreleased)
07 Bleu - Just Another American Pie (unreleased)
08 Bleu - It'll Never Be The Same Again (unreleased)
09 Bleu - Natalie (Workaday EP)
10 Bleu - Nobody Calls It Rock n Roll Anymore (unreleased)
11 Bleu - Ursula Major, Ursula Minor (Remix)
12 Bleu - The Ol' College Try (demo)
13 Bleu - Glass Houses (unreleased)
14 Bleu - When it Rains it Pours (unreleased)
15 Bleu - Somebody Else (Demo)
16 Bleu - Just A Song (B-Side)
17 Bleu - Sayonara (Demo)
18 Bleu - 2 Cool 4 School (B-Side)
19 Bleu - Todays the day (Workaday EP)
20 Bleu - Golden Handcuffs (dance remix)
21 Bleu - Blacklight (dance remix)

2011 Besides B-Sides 
01 Glass Houses
02 Golden Handcuffs
03 I Have to Have You
04 When it Rains it Pours
05 Sakura (Cherry Blossom Bloom)
06 Taylor Locke (Rex Of Rocke)
07 Blacklight
08 Cold, Cold Christmas
09 Ordinary Breakdown
10 I'm In Love With My Lover (Acoustic)
1 How Blue (Acoustic)
12 Happy Birthday Mara

2011 Mara LP 
01 Ya Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar
02 No Such Thing as Love
03 Singin' In Tongues
04 How Blue
05 We'll Do It All Again
06 Watchin' You Sleep
07 I Won't Go to Hollywood
08 I'll Know It When I See It
09 Nothin' Will Ever Change
10 Sukaz Are Born Every Minute
11 B.O.S.T.O.N.
12 Save Me
 13 Dead In The Mornin'
14 Boy Meets Girl
15 Somebody Else
16 Could Be Worse
17 When the Lights Go Out
18 When The Shit Hits The Fan
19 Hummingbird
20 Watchin' You Sleep
21 Everything Is Fine
22 Happy Birthday Mara

2013 Bleu House Concert - Sampler
01 Grasping At Straws
02 Somebody Else (Redhead Record Club version)
03 It's Not Over 'Til It's Over And Done
04 3's A Charm
05 Kiss Me (new version)
06 Velveteen Queen
07 You Know, I Know, You Know
08 Don't Hear A Single
09 To Hell With You
10 Merry-Go-Round
11 I Won't Fuck You Over (This Time)
12 Get Up
13 Goodbye Innocence
14 Searchin' For The Satellites (Redhead Record Club version)
15 Zihuatanejo
16 Come n go
17 Sayonara
18 Trust Me (Redhead Record Club version)
19 One Day
20 Where Do We Go When The Party Is Over
21 Something To Cry Abou

01 Ya Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar
02 Singin' In Tongues
03 No Such Thing as Love
04 We'll Do It All Again
05 How Blue
06 Nothin' Will Ever Change
07 I Won't Go to Hollywood
08 I'll Know It When I See It
09 When The Shit Hits The Fan
10 Hummingbird
11 B.O.S.T.O.N.
12 Save Me
13 Dead In The Mornin'
14 Boy Meets Girl
15 When the Lights Go Out
16 Watchin' You Sleep
17 Could Be Worse
18 Sukaz Are Born Every Minute
19 Won't Make It Out Alive
20 Everything Is Fine

2013 Rare Songs II
01 - Dave

02 - I Have To Have (Demo)
03 - How Blue (unplugged)
04 - Sakura (Cherry Blossom Bloom)
05 - Runnin Down A Dream
06 - Happy Birthday Mara
07 - Have To Have You (live)
08 - Taylor Locke (Rex Of Rocke)
09 - Theresa & Steve  (25 Years)
10 - & Jasmine - Make Believe
11 - pplmvr - People Mover (John Fields & Bleu)
12 - Lindsey Ray (produced by Bleu) - Ordinary Extraordinary Love

13 - Jennifer (My Sweet Girl)
14 - Thank You Seiya
15 - What Can You Get for a Dollar

2015 Rare Tracks
Bleu & Bill DeMain - Funny Feelings

Bleu & Jim Boggia - Human Nature (The Borderline 2010)
Bleu (LEO) - Goodbye Innocence Apr06 version
Bleu (LEO) - ya had me goin' July 06 mix
Bleu - Come Back From Yesterday July 07 mix
Bleu - Coming Up For Air- Demo
Bleu - Don't Forget About Me
Bleu - Don't Leave Me Hanging On (demo)
Bleu - Freak Me Out Alt vocals
Bleu - Freak Me Out July 07 mix
Bleu - Glass houses extended Feb 06 demo
Bleu - I'll Know It When I See It (DEMO)
Bleu - Just another ordinary breakdown
Bleu - Let it Go July 07 mix
Bleu - Ordinary Breakdown
Bleu - Save Me early mix, no strings)
Bleu - Terrible Secret [remake]
Bleu - That Doesn't Matter Tonight (alt version)
Bleu - The Major Labels- TML4EVA
Bleu - The Penguin Song July 07 mix
Bleu - To Hell With You (The Sundance ASCAP Music Café)
Bleu - Ursula Alt mix

Bleu - What Kind of Man am I (demo)
Bleu - Whatever Happened To Us July 07 mix
Bleu and Dennis - Eight Feet (Gabriel's Song)
Mereki x Bleu - Wake Up
Norm Boyle & Bleu - When The Snow's On The Ground
PPL MVR - Mother


2010 Live @ UStream
01 Scott Simons - Keep on

02 Bleu - No Such Thing As Love
03 Bleu - I'm in love with my lover
04 Bleu - Boy meets girl
05 Bleu - Watching you sleep
06 Bleu - Interlude
07 Bleu - What now
08 Bleu - I won't fuck you over this time
09 Bleu - How blue
10 Bleu - Searching for satellites
11 Bleu - Interlude 2
12 Bleu - Suckaz are born every minute
13 Bleu & Scott Simons - Wonderwall

2012 Daytrotter Session
01-Welcome to Daytrotter

02-I Have To Have You
03-How Blue
04-You Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar
05-The Penguin Song

2013 Bleu House Concert in Halle / Germany (13-10-2013)
01 No Such Thing As Love

02 Singin In Tongues
03 I Have To Have You
04 How Blue
05 What Now
06 To Hell With You
07 It's Over (Til It's Over And Done)
08 Somebody Else
09 Searching For Satellites
10 Watching You Sleep

2013 Pledgemusic Live (24-09-2013)
01 It's Not Over (Til It's Done)

02 My Little World
03 Baby Come Back

2016 Johnson & McAuley - Live
01 No More Fear

02 Diametrical
03 Illuminated Dream
04 The Secrets That You Keep
05 I Have To Have You
06 A War Going On
07 I Won't Make It Out Alive
08 Thank You For Breaking My Heart
09 From The Bottom of My Heart
10 Heartbeat Beatin' You Up
11 The Promise


2010 Bleu - Jim Boggia - Tracy Bonham (Live at Borderline 2010)
Human Nature - Bleu & Jim Boggia

There's No Such Thing as Love - Bleu
What Kind of Man - Bleu
No Way Out - Jim Boggia & Bleu & Tracy Bonham

2010 Bleu House Concert @ The Stantons
00 Bleu - House Concert Intro

01 Bleu - In Love With My Lover
02 Bleu - No Such Thing As Love
03 Bleu - Go
04 Bleu - Boy Meets Girl
05 Bleu - Evil Twin
06 Bleu - Watchin' You Sleep
07 Bleu - Come 'N Go
08 Bleu - What Kind Of Man Am I
09 Bleu - Searchin' For The Satellites
10 Bleu - Dead In The Morning (After The Show - Photo Montage)
11 Bleu - (Bonus) I Have To Have You

2010 Live @ The Living Room
01 - Singin in tongues

2 - No such this as love
03 - How Blue
04 - I'm in love with my lover
05 - I Won't Fuck You Over (This Time)
06 - What now
07 - Watchin you sleep
08 - Suckaz are born every minute
09 - Watchin you sleep (Live at SXSW)

2013 Bleu House Concert in Halle
Bleu - Full Concert (Brasserie SKURIL Halle / Germany 13-10-2013)

Official Videos 
Bleu - Come and Go
Bleu - Could Be Worse
Bleu - Everything Is Fine
Bleu - Evil Twin
Bleu - Fever Dream
Bleu - How Blue
Bleu - I Have To Have You
Bleu - I Won't Go Hollywood
Bleu - I'll Know It When I See It 
Bleu - I'm In Love With My Lover
Bleu - Love You So
Bleu - No Such Thing As Love
Bleu - Singin' In Tongues 
Bleu - Somebody Else (2013 Redhead Record Club version)
Bleu - The Bleusikal - Kickstarter Video
Bleu - When The Shit Hits The Fan
Bleu - Won't Make It Out Alive
Bleu - WoOo!! featuring Rhea
Bleu - Ya catch more flies wth honey than with vinegar 
Johnson & McAuley - Bottom Of My Heart
Johnson & McAuley - Illuminated Dream