Sunday, September 26, 2010

Badly Drawn Boy

A decade ago - in June 2000 "The Hour of the Bewilderbeast" announced the arrival of Badly Drawn Boy - or Damon Gough. His debut may be a perfect album. Every song is catchy and wonderfully crafted.


* The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast (2000)
* About A Boy (2002)
* Have You Fed The Fish? (2002)
* One Plus One Is One (2004)
* Born In The U.K. (2006)
* Is There Nothing We Could Do? (2009)
* It's What I'm Thinking Pt.1 – Photographing Snowflakes (2010)


This time I'll make it short: Guster. Three videos. Three songs. Just perfect.

You can preorder their new album Easy Wonderful (with Bad Bad Day and Stay With Me Jesus) here or here.


Ivy was formed in 1994: Andy Chase (Brookville) and Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne, Tinted Windows) convinced Dominique Durand, who had never before sung in a group, to record a demo tape with them.

Til today Ivy released six studio records:

* 1995: Realistic
* 1997: Apartment Life
* 2001: Long Distance
* 2002: Guestroom
* 2005: In The Clear

If you give it a try, start with "In The Clear" and "Long Distance".
Or just listen to these two songs:

Jeremy Fisher

The Vancouver-based artist Jeremy Fisher used his hands - which are generally affixed to his acoustic guitar - to shoot the stop-motion footage  of his $60 homemade video for Cigarette which has became a viral phenomenon of mega-proportions on YouTube, with more than 2 million views.

Fisher’s last album, Goodbye Blue Monday, is a timeless burst of acoustic rock & roll that’s playful and provocative. Cigarette which employs the cancer stick as a metaphor for addictive relationships - the enticement, the yearning, the withdrawal and the damage. Or Scar That Never Heals which examines the anatomy of heartbreak. At the same time, both are thoroughly infectious tracks with choruses that are, well, addictive.

His new album Flood will bis relesed in October 2010.