Monday, November 22, 2010


Jellyfish were never known by broad public and after only 4 years as a group, they went seperate ways. And even though they only had two records, the group's critical acclaim and fanbase have made them icons in power-pop music. Singer Andy Sturmer and keyboardist Roger Joseph Manning Jr., along with guitarist Jason Falkner, had their own solo careers later on.

In 1990's Bellybutton Jellyfish released their debut album. Before finishing their second record, both Chris Manning and Jason Falkner quit the band. Producer Jon Brion and Lyle Workman worked for the band's 1993 record. On Spilt Milk they collected the influences of their idols - the Beatles, the Beach Boys, ELO & Queen and created this pop record.

Five years after disbanding - in 1999 - Greatest, a 14-song collection of Jellyfish material was released.

In 2002 an unexpected release of a Jellyfish box set named Fan Club released by NotLame (R.I.P. NotLame ....) surfaced. It was packed with dozens of unreleased tracks, rare material - just great stuff.

1990 Bellybutton
1993 Spilt Milk
1999 Greatest
2002 Fan Club (Boxset)

Adrian Bourgeois

To let Adrian Bourgeois speak for himself: "My music at it’s most basic essence is pop if you had to pick a genre. Pop tends to be associated with shallowness by some but tell that to John Lennon, Brian Wilson or Elvis Costello. Some of the most ambitious, adventurous of the past 100 years has been pop music. The thing I like most about pop is that whatever dressing you put over the top of it, at it’s core is a song that just has this universal appeal to it that leaves no one out. It’s world peace in the form of a song!"

He will release his second record soon, his new single "Time Can’t Fly A Plane" was released just some days ago.

His first album:

And his new song "Time Can’t Fly A Plane" here: