Tuesday, January 29, 2019

David Mead - Cobra Pumps (Update January '19)

David Mead is back! His latest record - Cobra Pumps - is out NOW!

David Mead says: "COBRA PUMPS was an easy album to start writing and recording. It was a lot harder to finish. I doubted myself a lot. I kept running out of money. I grew tired of asking myself whether it was worth it at all, how it would ever justify the enormous amount of time and effort invested and if this was really the kind of thing that a 45 year-old father of two should be chasing after anymore.
Every day I make the choice: Am I done? Or just getting started? Am I looking behind me- or trying to make out what’s barely visible ahead in the distance? Or am I just standing still, looking down at my feet, wondering…
I think I got into the music business because playing music had always seemed like a way for me to be seen, to be approved of, to be understood. I thought that, if I could make a living off of that process, things would be peachy. This was a bad idea. Music doesn't offer hard results or firm answers; it gives us more possibilities and more questions. It asks that we keep going deeper and deeper into it.
So what music has taught me about life is that there is no finish line. Each experience leads us to something new as long as we are open to seeing it. There is no real stability, no solid ground on which to stand still. This is OK. We just have to enjoy being in motion. 

Every day. Every day. Every day I am just getting started. How about you?"

Listen to the whole album below (Apple Music or Spotify).

Start with: Bedtime Story, Head On Straight, Poster Child, Finger On The Button

You can get the whole album for free at www.davidmead.com! Just subscribe to the newsletter.

If you like it, you should buy it: the signed CD or beautiful White Vinyl are available at the website, along with his highly recommended last two records (Dudes and Almost & Always)!