Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brandon Schott

Most of my favorite musicians have already been mentioned on my blog - except one: Brandon Schott.
In 2009 Brandon did his homegrown recording series at, and this is when I stumbled upon one of his songs first. Brandon is not just an exceptionally gifted singer/songwriter but also one of the kindest artists I know.

Discography (studio records):
2003 Release
2007 Golden State
2009 Dandelion

I strongly recommend to listen to them (reviews of his records will follow).


Finally three videos of his songs:

Golden State

Fire Season

Seasons Turn (alternative mix)

Visit his all new website at!
(lots of videos, music & reviews - and you can buy the music directly from Mr. Schott)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bleu - How Blue (Official video)

The new official video for How Blue from Bleu -  featuring Justin Kirk (from Weeds):

it's one of the finest tracks from is newest record FOUR (well, they are all very fine tracks ;-)
Buy FOUR directly here, or from

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Teitur - Let The Dog Drive Home

It's always a magic moment to discover an artist and recognize you have found something very special. Something that will stuck with you for months ... or years.
It happened to me some weeks ago with Teitur . His new record "Let The Dog Drive Home" is so intense and versatile. It's hard to put this away.

The opener "Feel Good" is starting slowly but raising to a beautiful ballad, followed with the bass driven "God, I Have So Many Things To Tell You" and "Waverly Place" both very melodic and catchy. "Freight Train" is something between David Mead and Aqualung.
Most records show their gems in the first half, Teitur starts exactly here with my three favorite songs from the album: "Betty Hedges", "You Never Leave L.A." and "Let The Dog Drive Home" are irresistible songs.
"Let The Dog Drive Home" finishes with "All I Remember From Last Night Is You", a love song to fell in love to.

Sadly you can't buy the album in the US yet (it's just available in Germany) - listen here: