Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Essential Records of 2021

The year comes to an end and it's time again to look back to my personal essiential records of the year 2021:

dodie - Build A Problem

dodie (yes, no capitals) is a British singer-songwriter, YouTuber and author. And a phenomenon.

With almost two million followers on YouTube and one million on Twitter she already released three EPs - and in 2021 she was ready for her first full length record: "Build A Problem". Listen to Cool Girl and Rainbow here:
I'd recommend to buy the record at the official store. You can get the CD, a deluxe edition (double CD), vinyl, cassette (!) and other merchandise: 


Bleu - Six Tape

Eight long years after the last record of Bleu the new album "Six Tape" finally surfaced in 2021!

I’m over ‘figuring out who I am’” says Bleu. “I like a mish-mosh of music, just like most people do, and when I’m writing songs for myself, I’m only focused on what will put a sh*t eating grin on my face and not really worrying about the rest.

01 I Wanna Write You a Symphony
02 A Crazy Life!
03 Baby By Your Side
04 Kid Someday
05 Love You So
06 Never Believe It
07 Chasin' (featuring Lindsey Ray)
08 Snakes
09 My Emo GF
10 Mercy Girl

Bonus songs (Bandcamp exclusive)
11 Nobody Calls It Rock'n'Roll Anymore
13 The Animator (featuring Rob Cantor of Tally Hall)
14 Wife Me
15 Alive and Well

Look out for Six Tape at Bandcamp (there are 5 exclusive bonus songs).You can gat the digital album, the bonus songs, tickets for a online release party, an handcrafted VHS with the complete album and surprise video content and even a SiX TAPE Canvas 3D Collage made by Bleu.


José González - Local Valley

You always can depend on José González. "Local Valley" is a gem.


Aimee Mann - Queens of the Summer Hotel

Aimee Mann shows us with "Queens Of The Summer Hotel" once more her perfect and appealing  songwriting. 



Del Amitri - Fatal Mistakes

Del Amitri left us waiting for 19 (!) years - in 2021 they were back with "Fatal Mistakes". And it's as if they had never been away.

Buy Fatal Mistakes here (signed CDs, vinyl, Outtake CD, T-Shirt):


Crowded House - Dreamers Are Waiting

None other than Crowded House returned in 2021 with a new album, their first in eleven long years.


Steven Wilson - The Future Bites

For years I have always avoided Steven Wilson - and I really don't know why.
It was a revealation when I immersed into his huge catalogue. And this year "The Future Bites" surfaced. If you still don't know him, this may be a good start.

Ben Rector - The Best Is Yet To Come (Official Video)

A quite special year comes to an end - but maybe "The Best Is Yet To Come".

Ben Rector wrote a wonderful song about the new year.