Friday, December 11, 2020

dodie - Build A Problem

dodie (yes, no capitals) is a British singer-songwriter, YouTuber and author.
With almost two million followers on YouTube and one million on Twitter she already released three EPs - and in 2021 she is ready for her first full length record: "Build A Problem". Listen to the first two songs (Cool Girl, Rainbow) here:
I'd recommend to buy the record at the official store. You can get the CD, a deluxe edition (double CD), vinyl, cassette (!) and other merchandise: 

Del Amitri - Fatal Mistakes

Del Amitri are back in 2021 with their new record "Fatal Mistakes" (out on 30 April, 2021).

Buy Fatal Mistakes here (signed CDs, vinyl, Outtake CD, T-Shirt):

Mike Viola - Godmuffin

Mike Viola is back - his new record "Godmuffin" is out NOW!Listen to two songs from it here:



01. USA Up All Night

02. Creeper

03. Drug Rug

04. We May Never Be This Young Again

05. All You Can Eat

06. The Littles

07. Superkid 2, Trying To Do The Thing I Was Born To Do

08. Honorable Mention With Jam Show

09. People Pleaser, You’re The Man Of The House Now

10. Ordinary Girl

11. That Seems Impossible Now

You can buy the record (LP, CD) as well as merchandise (T-Shirt, Poster) at Grandphony: