Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jellyfish - Spilt Milk & Bellybutton - Deluxe Reissues

The phenomenon Jellyfish is unstoppable: The band released just two albums in their short career. Thanks to Omnivore Recordings this catalogue has grown a lot. And the newest entry are the 2015 Deluxe Reissues of the two records: Spilt Milk and Bellybutton. Both are 2CD sets packed with bonus stuff (see the trackless below).

The sound quality seems to have been improved a lot (judging to the unprofessional, not-so-much-audiophile opinion of the writer of this blog). For anyone who somewhat likes this band: buy this stuff already!

Disc One:
1. The Man I Used To Be
2. That Is Why
3. The King Is Half-Undressed
4. I Wanna Stay Home
5. She Sill Loves Him
6. All I Want Is Everything
7. Now She Knows She’s Wrong
8. Bedspring Kiss
9. Baby’s Coming Back
10. Calling Sarah
11. The King Is Half-Undressed (Live)
12. Sugar And Spice (Live)
13. Mr. Late (Live)
14. All I Want Is Everything (Live)
15. Jet (Live)
16. The King Is Half-Undressed (Live)
17. Baby’s Coming Back (Live)
18. I Wanna Stay Home (Live)
19. She Still Loves Him (Live)
20. All I Want Is Everything (Live)

Disc Two:
1. The Man I Used To Be (Demo)
2. The King Is Half Undresssed (Demo)
3. I Wanna Stay Home (Demo)
4. She Still Loves Him (Demo)
5. All I Want Is Everything (Demo)
6. Now She Knows She’s Wrong (Demo)
7. Bedspring Kiss (Demo)
8. Baby’s Coming Back (Demo)
9. Calling Sarah (Demo)
10. Deliver (Demo)
11. Queen Of The U.S.A. (Demo)
12. Always Be My Girl (Demo)
13. Let This Dream Never End (Demo)
14. Season Of The Witch (Demo)
15. That Girl’s A Man (Demo)
16. Bye Bye Bye (Demo)

Spilt Milk
Disc One:
1. Hush
2. Joining A Fan Club
3. Sebrina, Paste And Plato
4. New Mistake
5. Glutton Of Sympathy
6. The Ghost At Number One
7. Bye Bye Bye
8. All Is Forgiven
9. Russian Hill
10. He’s My Best Friend
11. Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
12. Brighter Day
13. Family Tree (Demo)
14. Ignorance Is Bliss (Demo)
15. Worthless Heart (Demo)
16. Watchin’ The Rain (Demo)
17. I Need Love (Demo)
18. I Don’t Believe You (Demo)
19. Long Time Ago (Demo)
20. Runnin’ For Our Lives (Demo)

Disc Two:
1. Spilt Milk Intro (Demo)
2. Hush (Demo)
3. Joining A Fan Club (Demo)
4. Sebrina, Paste And Plato (Demo)
5. New Mistake (Demo)
6. Glutton Of Sympathy (Demo)
7. The Ghost At Number One (Demo)
8. All Is Forgiven (Demo)
9. Russian Hill (Demo)
10. He’s My Best Friend (Demo)
11. Spilt Milk Outro (Demo)
12. Think About Your Troubles
13. That Is Why (Live)
14. The Ghost At Number One (Live)
15. Joining A Fan Club (Live)
16. S.O.S. (Live)
17. Fan Club Message

Taylor Locke - Time Stands Still

Taylor Locke, best known from Rooney and Taylor Locke & The Roughs is ready for his first straight solo record. The LP will be called Time Stands Still and is out at Lojinx (CD, LP, digital) on February 23, 2015. 

A set of songs that could already be found at Soundcloud (at least for a limited time) were Time Stands Still, No Dice, Running Away From Love and Call Me Kuchu.

The superb title track is free to download:

Bleu - Make Music with Bleu

The BluRay/DVD of the latest Disney movie "Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast" by Steve Loter will be in stores March 3, 2015. The soundtrack is mainly composed by Bleu. Exclusively at Walmart there is a special edition of this release. It includes a bonus DVD: "Making Music with Bleu".

Well, that's interesting! There's sadly no more information so far.

Link: Legend Of The NeverBeast (Blu-ray) / Make Music With Bleu - Walmart (03/03)

By the way: If anyone has a good idea how to get this set for international fans, let me know!