Sunday, May 6, 2012

Young Hines - Give Me My Change

On September, 20th 1976 a nurse wrote "Young Mr. Hines" on the patient info sheet for the yet to be named newborn child. "Young" seemed perfectly fitting to his parents, and it stuck.

One day out of the clear blue sky Young Hines got an email from none other than Brendan
Benson containing a cover of one of Young's own songs. He came across Young’s music by
chance when friends of Young, who happened to be painting Benson’s house, were
listening to one of his demos as they worked.

The two had an instant creative connection. He moved to Nashville, where he recorded the album Give Me My Change with Benson. It's released on Lojinx in the UK and Europe, and on Benson’s newly formed ReadymadeRecords in the US.

Track list:
01. Young Again
02. Give Me My Change
03. Don't Break My Fall
04. I Ask This of You
05. Keep Me Goin'
06. No One Knows
07. Just Say No (Sometimes)
08. Hold You and Scold You
09. Rainy Day
10. Better Things
11. Can't Explode
12. Lost in the Mix
13. Forever Young

The whole record is very versatile, and that's a good thing. Just compare Forever Young to Can't Explode - who would think that these songs are from one single artist?

Listen to: 
Don't Break My Fall, Better Things, Rainy Day, Just Can't Say No (Sometimes), Forever Young

Young Hines did a short Q&A with me: 

What do you think about crowd funding (e.g. kickstarter)?
YH: I believe it's up to each artist. I personally think the ones that raise money for tools that benefit the many rather than an individual have a better shot and are a bit more respectable.

CD or Vinyl?

YH: vinyl

The Beatles or The Beach Boys?
YH: wouldn't have been one without the other. Love them both!

Chicago or Nashville?
YH: love them both but the Nashville weather is better for me

Digital download or physical medium?
YH: physical medium

Record store or iTunes?
YH: record store


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