Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brendan Benson - What Kind Of World

After five solo albums and two Raconteurs records Brendan Benson has just released What Kind Of World.

What I mostly remember is when I discovered his music years ago was that I thought "He has this very unique sound, no-one else is similar". And that's why my first record from him (Alternative To Love) was in constant rotation on my stereo for a very long time.
Every record from him had superb songs, but I personally think What Kind Of World is his most consistent work until today. 

Track list:
01 What kind of world
02 Bad for me
03 Light of day
04 Happy most of the time
05 Keep me
06 Pretty baby
07 Here in the deadlights
08 Met your match
09 Thru the ceiling
10 No one else but you
11 Come on
12 On the fence


Bad For Me, Light of Day, Pretty Baby, What Kind of World

Purchase it at,, or at Lojinx (digital, CD and vinyl - Lojinx has a special package with CD/vinyl & T-Shirt).

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