Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chesney Hawkes - Real Life Love

Do you know Chesney Hawkes? You sure do. The 90s, long ago...

In 1991 when he was 19, he had his biggest single (The One and Only) from the soundtrack of Buddy's Song, a film he also performed in. It was written by Nik Kershaw. The song was used in a bunch of other movies, such as in Doc Hollywood, Moon, Source Code.

So, is he a stereotye of an one hit wonder? Far wrong. The album Another Fine Mess is filled with gems of songs. Listen below! (songs you should listen to: Another Fine Mess, Overrated, Stay Away Baby Jane)

Discography (Albums):
  • Buddy's Song OST/The One and Only  (1991)
  • Get The Picture (1993) 
  • The Very Best Of (2005) 
  • Another Fine Mess (2007) 
  • Me My Mouse & I (2009) 
  • Real Life Love (2012)

The reason I write about him now is:
He is making a new record, called Real Life Love. And it's financed by crowd funding. You'll find more information at

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