Saturday, October 8, 2011

+ + + News October 2011 (Ben Folds, Bleu, Mike Viola, Ben Lee...) + + +

Ben Folds - The Best Imitation Of Myself
Ben Folds brings you his three disc best of compilation (CD1 is the Best Of, CD2 is a live compilation and CD3 is rare stuff as well as new songs by Ben Folds Five!) - it's out October 11.

There is also his Fifty-Five-Vault - a selection of 56 (yes, fifty six ;-) rare songs from the early Ben Folds Five era until today. It's already available here. It's mainly demos, live and unreleased stuff.

Bleu - Besides 
In November Bleu will release his B-side compilation Besides. It's only available on vinyl and digital download, and only on his website

Ben Lee
The new album of Ben Lee is out October 11, it's called Deeper Into Dream.

The two Jellyfish re-releases of Spilt Milk and Bellybutton only on vinyl are sadly delayed until January 12 2012.

Mike Viola
Electro de Perfecto - the new record of Mike Viola - is out on CD and digital download, the vinyl will be out November 8.

Mike put out a lot of songs on social network (facebook, tumblr, soundcloud etc.) in the last months, which you won't find on the new record.  
Pop Fair created a wonderful collection of these songs called Chemical Night here.

Chemical Night
1. Find Somebody to Love (Bonus track from "Lurch")
2. Something Electric (Bonus track from "Lurch")
3. Chemical Night (Unreleased track from Mike's MySpace page)
4. This is Life, This is Love (Track from "The Right Track" compilation)
5. Unbroken (Non-album track released on EMI Music Publishing Site)
6. Water By the Bed (Track from "Peace" compilation and on the "Hang On Mike" re-release on vinyl)
7. Burn at Both Ends (Non-album track from SoundCloud)
8. Superkid (Acapella) (Unreleased track from Mike's MySpace page)
9. Time For Everything to Change (Unreleased track from Mike's Facebook page)
10. Bee Vee (Intro) (Unreleased track from Mike's Facebook page)
11. Happiest Day (Non-album track released on EMI Music Publishing Site)
12. Motel Mood (Bonus track from "Lurch")
13. Smile (Non-album track from SoundCloud)

With the other tracks that surfaced in this time, I created a second collection:

Start Of Something
01 Start Of Something (from Soundcloud)
02 Loving You Baby (with Kelly Jones) (from Soundcloud)
03 Be My Baby (from Soundcloud)
04 Burn at Both Ends ('Radio' Edit) 
05 So Much Better (Demo)
06 Chemical Night (2nd version)
07 Virginia (The Nines cover) (from Youtube - sadly there is no better quality version, it's a great cover)
08 No Surprises (Live)
09 Soundtrack Of My Summer (Live)
10 That Thing You Do! (demo)
11 Let's Have a Baby (demo - writing in progress #1) (from the "Hang On Mike" re-release on vinyl)
12 Dollie and Jane (live) (from Youtube - a proper studio recording would be great)
13 Little One (a beautiful lullaby from Soundcloud, worked on my daughter very well)

Pop Geek Heaven online

Finally, the new website of Bruce Brodeen (Not Lame Recordings) is online, it's Pop Geek Heaven.


  1. First of all, thank you so much for sharing such great Viola info & rarities! I've really filled out my collection, and I've bought every Viola related disc I can find! (Still looking for Temple of Static & the elusive "Blue Thumb" album.)

    I'd love to hear your "Start Of Something" collection if you can share it! My email is mfart (at) mail (dot) com


  2. hi
    any chance you mite send me out the link for the Start of something collections
    sounds great

  3. Could I grab a copy of Start of Something as well?

  4. ..or if you could make it available on your Pop Geek Heaven site that I joined on opening day...!

  5. Would very much like a copy of Start of Something too! if it's not too much trouble.

  6. @jon: Pop Geek Heaven is not my site, Jon. I won't upload it for the blog, but you COULD give me your email-adress ... :-)

  7. Hi, I really liked all the info on Viola and Bleu.
    If you could send me a link to your cool compilation I would very much appreciate it.

  8. If still available, 'Start of S/T' collection for an email address...sounds like a good trade!!

    many thanks!


  9. I'd absolutely love to have those "Start Of Something" rarities too! my email is:

    Thanks for sharing...

  10. Your Start of Something compilation would be a stellar addition to my collection.

    I can't thank you enough.

    turdlehead @
    (spaces in email address to avoid potential spam-bots, etc.)

  11. i'm so excited about the Ben Folds albums. It's insane how much unreleased music he has coming out. definitely looking to get all three albums for it.

  12. Saw mike for the first time this past week opening for Rachel. He's a great voice and presence. He'd never visited our city before and informed those waiting for Rachel that it's a 2-way street between an "act" and the audience, cleverly pointing out that our job was to listen. I think he won the battle most openers face from oblivious and loud sceensters.
    Send me your PP2 "Start of Something" if you don't mind to kfking05 at yahoodotcom.

  13. Hope I'm not late, but this compilation seems awesome. Could you send it to me, too?

    nakagawa at gmail dot com

  14. Same as everyone else - would love to get a copy of your Viola comp! Great blog - keep it up!
    danspeca at gmail dot com

  15. Can I get a listen to this? Eashman at gmail if you can...

  16. Would love to get a copy of "Start of Something"! Thanks for the offer!

  17. A bit late on the scene but I too would love to get "Start of Something"! Thanks
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