Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brandon Schott - 13 Satellites

I was lucky to get a digital advance copy of Brandon Schott's new record 13 Satellites.

It's surely a very different album than his last one Dandelion. And here's a short review:

01 Annie - A beautiful intro.
02 Early Morning Light - Do I hear The Beatles here (in 1967 - 1970)? Great tune.
03 Full Circle Night - Could be a great radio single.
04 This Is Home - Beautiful balled and lyrics!
05 Flowers Fading - My favorite so far.
06 A Daydream (or A 2AM Serenade) - Nice chorus!
07 Building A Boat
08 Satellite - The song is out for some time already at soundcloud. And it's catchy. Good choice for a first single.
09 Exploding Angel - Again very beatlesque.
10 Louise St. - A short, mostly instrumental song. A little gem.
11 All The Way Down - What a chorus! Already after the first listen it's stuck right in my head!
12 My Love Won't Let Me Down - The last "proper" song on the album.Gorgeous.
13 Fading (Outro) -Well, is the 13th satellite. It's kind of an outro-medley. And a good way to finish the album.

The crowd funding campaign at was again a great way to promote the album release (see also David Mead - Dudes and Bleu - Four).

You can order it here. It's a nice bundle: you get the album 13 Satellites along with his record Golden State and (Is this all Brandon? No, you get also) ... a kazoo!

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