Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Short Review: Feist - Metals

Five years after The Reminder Leslie Feist is back with a new album. The Reminder was successful for a a surprisingly long time. Here in Germany it was in the Top 100 LP charts for longer than two years.

Metals, the new record, is darker and at the first listen partially not as catchy as its forerunner.

1. "The Bad In Each Other"

2. "Graveyard"

3. "Caught A Long Wind"

4. "How Come You Never Go There"

5. "A Commotion"

6. "Bittersweet Melodies"

7. "Anti Pioneer"

8. "Undiscovered First"

9. "Cicadas And Gulls"

10. "Woe Be"

11. "Comfort Me"

12. "Get It Wrong, Get It Right" 

Highlights: The Bad In Each Other, Graveyard, How Come You Never Go There, Anti Pioneer

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