Thursday, November 19, 2015

So, these records don't exist, but you HAVE TO buy them!

Today is a strange kind of day. In my mail I found three records at a time. Three records that don't exist. So let's see:

Number One: Jim Boggia - Ukepop

Jim started a Patreon campaign more than a year ago (more information HERE). It's all about music and ukulele.
It works like this: You follow the artist. Every time he releases a new video or song, you pay for it automatically. You can pay different subscription levels - and get different rewards.

On November 2, 2015 he offered a CD called UKEPOP filled with his ukulele songs. It's exclusive for patreons and was available until November 15, 2015.
It's really sad that this isn't purchasable anymore (maybe it will be again in the future, you never know).

Track list:
01 Thunder Road
02 A Song For You
03 I Saw The Light
04 Over The Rainbow
05 With A Little Help From My Friends
06 Getting Better
07 If I Fell
08 Bus Stop
09 4th Time Around
10 Ode To Billie Joe
11 Love Will Keep Us Together

Number Two: The Candle Thieves - Chemicals Of The Imagination

I'm a fan of The Candle Thieves for some years now. Their latest record Chemicals Of The Imagination was available for preorder for a short time at their Official Website a few weeks ago.
Now it's not anymore. It's out. But just for those people who preordered.

It seems to get an official release sometime in 2016. I hope so!

Number Three: Emitt Rhodes & Chris Price - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (7" red vinyl)

Following the Pledge Music campaign of Emitt Rhodes (more HERE) I researched and found a Record Store Day exclusive record of him from 2015.

It's a truly beautiful translucent red 7" vinyl of two Bee Gees covers:

A Emitt Rhodes - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
B Chris Price - Please Read Me

Limited to 1000 copies. Neither available digital nor on CD.
And to make it short: it's a gem.

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