Friday, June 1, 2012

The Darkness - Hot Cakes

The Darkness? At PowerPopSquare? Yes. That's right. 
I just love them for their reminiscence of Queen, AC/DC or Aerosmith. But The Darkness are more than just a band who brings back the past. Their music is fun. And that's why their records are still spinning at my turntable.

Their second LP One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back was released in 2005. After that there was really much trouble: 
The band broke up. A new band which featured 3/4 of The Darkness (Ed Graham, Dan Hawkins and Richie Edwards) was created: Stone Gods. Justin Hawkins formed various projects: British Whale, Hot Leg etc. Everything seemed to fade away and to be over.

Seven long years later ... they are back! 
(This is an interesting analogy to the album title of the second record, is it?)

LP No. 3 - Hot Cakes - will be out on August 20 2012. Two of the new songs are already out - watch the videos here:

Track List:
01 Every Inch of You
02 Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us
03 With A Woman
04 Keep Me Hangin’ On
05 Living Every Day Blind
06 Everybody Have A Good Time
07 She Just A Girl Eddie
08 Forbidden Love
09 Concrete
10 Street Spirit
11 Love Is Not The Answer 


  1. hey, I LOVE the Darkness! AND i love power pop, so there isn't any difference!!!! jim

  2. Yes this is awesome! I just heard their new single "Everybody Have a Good Time" and it's a fun song with a fun video. Definitely promising material for the new album. :)