Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Shins - Port Of Morrow

Five long years after the last record of The Shins (2007: Wincing The Night Away) the new album is finally out. It's called Port Of Morrow.
James Mercer has the big problem of fighting against high expectations. I believed he can only lose, but he didn't:

The opener The Rifle's Spiral is a classic Shins song and it's some kind of Intro to Simple Song, which is also the first single. Simple Song is a huge grower of a song. At first listen I thought "It's okay, not bad". Now, some weeks later I can't stop listening. Stuck-in-my-head.
It's Only Life is pure ear candy. September is a lovely instant classic. No Way Down is some kind of new sound, something I really didn't expect from this record. I instantly liked this a lot. 
For A Fool is the kind of song you think you know it already form somewhere at first listen.
40 Mark Strasse has a BEAUTIFUL chorus.
The last song and also the title track - Port Of Morrow - is a return to old Shins sounds. It's not as memorable as most of the other songs of the album, but it has an unique sound.

Highlights: Simple Song, 40 Mark Strasse, It's Only Life, No Way Down

Here's the official video for Simple Song (like it a lot):

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