Friday, March 30, 2012

The Cry - The Cry

I can't even nearly say how often The Cry was recommended to me from different sources. And they were right.  
The Cry are somewhere between The Beach Boys, Jet, The Ramones and The Beatles, which means there's a highly enjoyable mix of 60s sound, punk and pop harmonies packed in 2 minute songs.

The Cry - The Cry (2011)

1. Down In The City 
2. Modern Cinderella
3. Waiting Around 
4. Sleeping Alone 
5. Forget It 
6. Think I'm In Love 
7. I Wanna Know 
8. Wouldn't Las
9. Alone In the Dark 
10. Be True 
11. Girl (I Wanna Know Your Name) 
12. Such A Bore 

It's available digitally at CDBaby and even on CD (only at No Idea Records - from Japan).


  1. Greetings from The CRY! I want to thank YOU personally for supporting the band on your blog this past year. Your support has helped us get gigs, distribution, fans, etc..

    Currently we are putting the final touches on our new LP (due for release in Spring 2013! Sample tracks: We are would love to get your reaction to these cuts.

    Can YOU help: In the Spring our debut LP was released on CD and Vinyl by SP-Records (Japan) and Taken By Surprise Records (Germany). In Summer we toured the USA (36 Cities) in the old ford van. In the end we will have played over 70 shows in 2012! In an effort to generate publicity for the 2nd LP, I would like to ask you to consider including our debut LP (“The CRY!”) on your “best of 2012” list and/or posting another piece about the band. Here is a link to the first LP:

    2012 was also a good year for cutting our teeth on video. In February we released our first official video.
    We were thrilled when a fan stepped up and made a great live video with footage from our Summer tour.

    OK, truth: Rock & Roll is a hard business and we need all the help we can get to make it to the next level (regular touring). PLEASE THROW US A BONE!

    John, Manager
    The CRY!