Wednesday, October 24, 2018

David Mead - Wherever You Are EP

    In 2002 David Mead created the later Wherever You Are EP aiming for a full album. Short after the recording David was dropped by RCA. The record was cut to a six songs EP and finally released by Eleven Thirty Records in 2005.

    The Wherever You Are EP is simply a perfect record. It became one of my top ten records ever. All six songs are extremely strong pieces of work.

    Track list:
    1. Wherever You Are
    2. Hold On
    3. Only a Dream
    4. Astronaut
    5. Make It Right
    6. How Much
    There are eleven (!) songs that were left off from the EP. David offered some of these unreleased tracks at his site as a Christmas gift (site site is down by now). The tracks give you a hint how the full album would have sounded like. In short: it would have been awesome.

    These tracks are:
    • Wherever (a beautiful intro to the original album)
    • Attitude
    • Beauty (rerecorded for the Indiana album)
    • Growin’ Up
    • Subway
    • Little Sister
    • Patience
    • Oneplusone (rerecorded for the Indiana album)
    • All Is Forgiven  (unreleased)
    • How Will The Kids Get High (unreleased)
    • NYC Girl (unreleased)

    Does anyone of you, my fellow readers, know anything about the three unreleased tracks and the original track order?

    By the way, if you're interested in these eight outtakes, just post a comment or write an email: .


    1. I'm down with hearing these outtakes, thanks. muzik_guy2 at yahoo dot com

    2. Would love to hear these tracks. Can you DM me the link. Cheers. Mick

    3. Hi Can I please have these tracks? yoshiogawa2007 at gmail dot com

    4. Thanks for your offer. I would love to have these tracks as well. zvelty at gmail dot com.

    5. Hi,
      Could I please have the link to download these tracks:
      Like you, I think 'Wherever You Are'is a perfect EP. See my review here if you feel like it:

    6. Wow, just read your piece about Wherever You Are... I'd love to hear the outtakes!

      Thanks in advance, Paul

      paulmeadows77 at hotmail dot com

    7. It's a great artist!!

      I'm missing Subway, and I'd love to have it, could you send it to me?
      dorito.d910 at

      Thank you so very much!

    8. Awesome to see this EP recognized. I'd love to hear the other tracks. thank you! Mike.

    9. Yes, I'd like to get these other tracks as well.
      Much appreciated!