Monday, June 6, 2011

New Records Are On Their Way (Ivy, Hotel Lights, Ben Folds Five, Bleu ...)

The next few weeks will have a bunch of exciting record releases:

The Nines - Polarities (unreleased songs and demos - out now!) - Homepage

Gomez - Whatever's On Your Mind
(out now!) - Homepage

Ivy - Distant Lights
(Single, out now!) - Listen To Distant Lights Here
Ivy - All Hours (September 20) - Homepage

Fountains of Wayne - Sky Full Of Holes (August 2) - Listen To The New Single Here

Hotel Lights - Girl Graffiti (August 16) - Homepage - Download The New Single Here

Ben Folds Five - Box Set
(probably 3 CDs: Best Of, Live and Rare - Ben even talked about a fourth Ben Folds Five record that was never finished! - November)

Bleu - Besides (B-Sides, on vinyl and digital - tba) - Homepage

Mike Viola - Electro De Perfecto
(summer) - Homepage

The Shins - New Album
(tba) - Homepage

Brandon Schott - ‎13 Songs (a collaboration with Billy Hawn)
(summer) - Homepage

David Mead - Dudes (tba) - David's Blog

So, lots of new stuff! Being exited :-)

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