Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bleu - Birthday Song for Mara

Some months ago there was a crowd funding campaign by the website kickstarter.com from Bleu.
I decided to give some money for this great project - with the benefit of getting a birthday song for my then new born daughter.
By the time of her birth there was a song and video surrounding us in these exciting days: A song by Eduard Khil.
You don't know him? He is now 75. And has become a star - 30 years after his actual performance. The Russian sang a song without words (because of the soviet censorship).
Until today the video has been watched for more than 8 million times. There exist several remixes, an iPhone-App and much more.

Here is the original song:

So... and here is the b-day song from Bleu for Mara:

Mara and her parents liked it a lot (she likes to dance to it :-)

I created a little collection of songs around this tune (it's a kind of mix tape or personal best of):

Mara LP:
01 Ya Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar
02 No Such Thing as Love
03 Singin' In Tongues
04 We'll Do It All Again
05 How Blue
06 Watchin' You Sleep
07 I'll Know It When I See It
08 I Won't Go to Hollywood
09 Nothin' Will Ever Change
10 B.O.S.T.O.N.
11 Save Me
12 Dead In The Mornin'
13 Boy Meets Girl
14 Somebody Else
15 Sukaz Are Born Every Minute
16 Could Be Worse
17 Kiss Me
18 When The Shit Hits The Fan
19 Hummingbird
20 You Know, I Know, You Know
21 Everything Is Fine
22 Happy Birthday Mara


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