Friday, April 2, 2010


Where to start?

Some years ago, while I started to discover new musicians and bands by this new thing named ... internet, I found a lot of similar music I could not sort by a genre. The songs where very melodic, pop-like and beatlesesque but anyhow different. Years later I learned the genre was named PowerPop.

So, for everyone who is into this music and especially for those who still are not - I created this blog. I will talk about my favorite artists like Mike Viola, Bleu, Owsley, Ben Folds (Five), The Nines, Ben Kweller, Jason Falkner, Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time, Brendan Benson, David Mead, Jim Boggia, Nik Kershaw and more.

And I will post rare stuff by these artists (and I hope that's okay for them), but no official released songs or albums.

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