Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dan Wilson - Christmas songs

"The Gift" and “The Hottest Christmas Eve Ever” are two new songs from Dan Wilson
They will be just on YouTube. And they are great!

He wrote: "I’ve been digging deep & looking for some extra holiday spirit this season. Christmastime has always been a comfort to me; more so when the world’s dark winter nights seem darker than usual. I’ve been getting deeper into songwriting, even deeper than I usually am. Maybe I’m looking to find more of that holiday comfort, both for myself and you. 
Among the fruits are these two new Christmas songs and the lyric videos that I illustrated and calligraphed for them. May they bring you joy! If they do, please share them – they’re not for sale anywhere, they’re just hanging out on Youtube. Best wishes to you and your families this holiday season and thanks as always for being wonderful, generous, and supportive fans. 
I look forward to the new year and sharing more musical adventures with you all.


  1. I may just have found a new "favourite artist" .... thanks!

  2. Dan Wilson is great; his development and dedication and degree of nice are impressive...