Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Astrid North (The Cultured Pearls) - new record by crowd funding

Astrid North's voice is sheer beauty.  In the 1990s she was the voice of The Cultured Pearls. For almost a decade and five stunning records they were quite successful by mixing influences from Soul, Pop, Funk and Jazz into their very own kind of music.

After the last record of The Cultured Pearls in 2003 there were ten long years of silence. In 2013 the first solo record of her surfaced (simply called "North") and now Mrs. North just started a crowd funding campaign for her second album. Rightfully after the first day almost 50% were already financed! Way to go!

Here is the English video for the campaign:


And if you don't know The Cultured Pearls - listen to this:

You can preorder the new record "Precious Ruby" at Pledgemusic (digital, CD or signed CD, House concerts, lyric sheets and much more!).

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