Friday, March 7, 2014

Coldplay - Ghost Stories

On May 19, 2014 Coldplay will be back with their 6th album Ghost Stories.
It's still a bit too early to judge what direction the record will have, but according to the two tracks that are already out (the first single Magic and Midnight) it will be quite different from their last album Mylo Xyloto.
It looks like Coldplay got rid of ballast and their arena rock direction and maybe (hopefully) return to what made them so special in the beginning.

Will Champion responded to the idea of having a more stripped down and acoustic record: "Yeah, that might be nice, actually. There’s only so far you can go without becoming pompous and a bit overblown, so we’ll tread that line very carefully. Reset. Recalibrate." (source)

Coldplay - Ghost Stories (cover artwork)

Track list:

1. Always in My Head
2. Magic
3. Ink
4. True Love
5. Midnight
6. Another's Arms
7. Oceans
8. A Sky Full of Stars
9. O

At Target there will be an exclusive edition with 3 bonus songs.

And here are the official audio streams of the first two songs from Ghost Stories:

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