Saturday, November 3, 2012

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Bleu - New record

The new Bleu record is out in February 2013. You can listen to two of his new songs here:

Oh, and there's a Bleu Fan Group on Facebook:  

Mike Viola - Candy Butchers on vinyl

The never released first Candy Butchers record (some will know it as The Blue Thumb record) gets a very limited re-release. 

More information here:

It includes: LP, CD and digital download (all the mixes on the LP, a live concert from 1996 in New York City, home demos from Mike’s Bethune Street apartment). 

So people, hurry. This is preorder over soon!

Sunday Sun - EP I, II & III physical release

The three EPs of Sunday Sun are for sale now as a 3CD set in a beautiful package here: 

Neil Finn (Crowded House) - closing song for The Hobbit

The closing song for the New Peter Jackson movie The Hobbit is performed by no other than Neil Finn from Crowded House. The song is called Song of the Lonely Mountain.
It's the first of three The Hobbit movies. So who's singing next?

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