Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mike Viola - Future Horror Hockey Game

On August 15th 2012 there was a Mike Viola web show at (Notes from Underground #3). The result of this show was the song Future Horror Hockey Games.
It's a song about a tip fight of two guys - Alex & Andy - at this web show (and yes, one of them is me...). The song is available here:

Lyrics - Future Horror Hockey Games

Andy is a super fan from Germany
Alex just finished college with a bachelors degree
This song is the story of how they lost themselves
It starts on August 15th 2012

They were bidding in an online forum for the song I am singing now
The bidding started innocent but ended in thousands and
Thousand of tokens neither could afford
But it's so hard not to rush in
Once you open that door

There was  a secret weapon that Alex had in mind
Launched at the last second at a very specific time
All the fans around him would cower at his feet
Except for one called Leschnik he was impossible to beat

Andy used his super powers at the end of the fight
Coffey just finished college so he'd been up for 3 nights
He fell asleep at his computer right before the official end
Andy did not stop punching he never got up again

So here we are forever the subject of this song
Love is so mysterious it'll never do you wrong
If your a fan a dad a mother everybody wins
As sure as there are guardian angels on the head of a pin

Paul kelly and the messengers costello crowded house
squeeze before that rolling stone review that smoked them out
the clash the cars the who gordon lightfoot joni mitch
Grahm Parker and the Figgs would definitely make the list

the list of people let in to a very secret club
Where men smoke hand rolled cigarettes right down to the nub
Where women are called ladies and go powder their nose
In a table by the kitchen their sits a girl named Rose

Let's sing about the strange case of Baby Katie Blade
her mother Rose was generous she gave and gave and gave
but Andy and Alex just treated her like dirt
said "go back to your garden before somebody gets hurt"


  1. Alex's uncle Gordon here. Awesome song. So Mike and so meta. Verses 6 & 7 kind of head scratchers though. Any idea what he's getting at? Tried to ask last night on stageit but he said too complicated to answer. Thanks for keeping this powerpop blogging alive. We need this especially after the death of Not Lame (you can see the review of my record Sum of Its Parts there or on Powerpopaholic if you like). Can't wait for next Wenesday!

  2. Need an MP3 of this tune it. Can you share one? Sometimes Mike's off the cuff tunes are better then his official releases, this is case in point. The new Dolly & Jane!

  3. can you send the song to