Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top Ten Records Of 2011

Maybe it's a bit early this year, but here they are - My Top Ten Records of 2011:

1. Mike Viola - Electro de Perfecto 
The long awaited follow up to Lurch: 10 songs. No filler. Fab.
More info here.

2. Bleu - Besides
It's still not released, hopefully it will in 2011. Most of the songs are known to the fans - it's great compilation. More info here.

3. David Mead - Dudes
The kickstarter - crowd funded record from Mr. Mead. More info here and here.

4. Brandon Schott - 13 Satellites 
Brandon Schott's new, indiegogo - crowd funded record, filled with beautiful songs! More info here.

5. Teitur - Let The Dog Drive Home
A strong album, breathtaking melodies and lyrics. More info here.

6. Jeremy Messersmith - The Reluctant Graveyard
Though the record was out in 2010, I discovered it not until this year. More info here.

7. Jay Clifford - Silver Tomb For The Kingfisher
More info here.

8. Feist - Metals 
Darker tunes than on The Reminder. More info here.

9. Hotel Lights - Girl Graffiti 
More info here.

10. Ivy - All Hours
Released 6 years after their last record - finally. More info here.

Special award: Ben Folds - Best Imitation Of Myself 
It's a Best Of, so it doesn't really count. But the compilation has three new Ben Folds Five songs - and there's probably a whole new record coming in 2012! More info here.


  1. It is a bit too early, Andy. But heck if we don't agree about music. Definitely in my Top 25 while I'm figuring out my top 10: Mike Viola, Bleu, David Mead, Hotel Lights, Ivy and Brandon Schott.

  2. Some great stuff here... err.. but where is The CRY!
    Unreal poptastic stuff... IPO killers, all over the blogs!
    chech'm out:

  3. Cant believe you You missed The CRY! google works... or

  4. @ Johnny: I didn't knew them: but I listened to them - and I like it :-)

  5. Album of the year --by very, very far: The Red Button/As Far As Yesterday Goes. You obviously didn't get it.

  6. I did get it. Even signed :-) I would rate it in my top 20...