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Back in the days when Coldplay were a new band and their first album started to be recognized by the British there was also Travis. Both were slightly similar though distinctive.
Coldplay became superstars around the world and - I'm sorry to say it - morphed into U2 (listen to their "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall EP" and tell me it's not like U2! And don't get me wrong, I like the boys, but I hope they find back to where they came from), while Travis followed their path in a good way. 

Travis are Fran Healy (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Dougie Payne (bass guitar, backing vocals), Andy Dunlop (lead guitar, banjo, keyboards, backing vocals) and Neil Primrose (drums, percussion).
The origin of the band name is the Harry Dean Stanton character Travis Henderson (film: Paris, Texas).

The debut album Good Feeling entered the top ten in the UK, the second album The Man Who entered at number one and spent 104 weeks in the UK Top 100. All of the following records were nearly as successful as number two, except Ode To J. Smith in 2008 (with this record they left the Major Label and got independent with their own one).
After three very quiet years (except Franhealy's solo debut Wreckorder) Travis announced in June 2011 a world tour. No official words regarding a new album, but I would be surpised if this would not happen soon.

Songs for a lonely island: Sing, Driftwood, Eyes Wide Open, Chinese Blues, Side, Writing To Reach You, My Eyes, Colder, Selfish Jean, Turn, New Amsterdam, Don't Be Shy (cover version)

Main album discography:
  • Good Feeling (1997)
  • The Man Who (1999)
  • The Invisible Band (2001)
  • 12 Memories (2003)
  • The Boy with No Name (2007)
  • Ode To J. Smith (2008)

 And for those who don't know Travis - here is the Best Of (called Singles):

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