Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Del Amitri

Del Amitri were formed 1983 in Glasgow ... and went away in 2002 - because their record company dropped them.

In these 19 years they produced seven records and one Best Of LP.
The sound of Del Amitri is handmade, anywhere between rock, pop & folk, with great hooks and clever lyrics. Lead vocals were performed by Justin Currie.
Summed up, The Dels are a mix of Crowded House, The Beatles and a dash of Scottish folk.

After the band went separate ways there were two solo records by Justin Currie, the lead singer (What Is Love For and The Great War) and an interesting project called The Uncle Devil Show.

  • Del Amitri (1985)
  • Waking Hours (1989)
  • Change Everything (1992)
  • Twisted (1995)
  • Some Other Sucker's Parade (1997)
  • Hatful of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri (1998)
  • Lousy With Love: The B-Sides (1998)
  • Can You Do Me Good? (2002)

I strongly recommend the Best Of: A Hatful Of Rain (Driving With The Brakes On / Here And Now / Kiss This Thing Good-Bye / Roll To Me), Can You Do Me Good  (Just Before You Leave / Cash & Prizes / Drunk In A Band / One More Last Hurrah) and The Uncle Devil Show.

You can listen to them below:


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