Sunday, February 11, 2018

David Myhr - Soundshine (Review)

David Myhr, the Stockholm-based former member of The Merrymakers released his first solo record in 2012. And it has become a PowerPop gem from start to finish.

David says:”I love that tingling down the spine when I hear a great song – when superior craftsmanship meets the magic. I constantly strive for that that with my own songs”.

Maybe that passion for great music reflects also in the title of the record - Soundshine. One of the best record titles for a long time! The songs are somewhere between Jellyfish, The Beatles, Mike Viola and The Feeling.

Never Mine is a strong opener, leading to the catchy Looking For A Life and Got You Where He Wanted. I Love The Feeling has such a summer feeling, you have to play this in a convertible. Get it Right starts slowly and builds up to one of the best songs of the record (what a chorus!). Cut To The Case is a dangerous earworm. With Don't Say No and Loveblind follow two more upbeat songs. The One is a beautiful ballad (there are some parts that remind a lot of Billy Joel and Queen). Wanderlust and Icy Tracks are pure PowerPop. Ride Along has some Beatlesque parts. Finally there are two tracks are Japan exclusive (Boom Boom Beat and Record Collection)

Soundshine has not a single filler - and a lot of memorable songs.

So Mr. Myhr - how about Germany?

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  1. Hey PowerPopSquare!

    Today's artists are supposed to have a dialogue with their listeners. (Instead of keeping quiet and pretending to be "unreachable" although in fact you're down at the local grocery store buying milk... and VERY reachable). So in order to live up to that I will now instantly respond to your review and it's final question: How about Germany? Well, let me put it like this – I would absolutely LOVE to come to Germany at any time!!! So please keep spreading the word to make it possible. Feel free to follow and like me on

    And the album WILL be released throughout Europe by Lojinx ( in the spring so please make sure your local record dealer (if there's any left...) hears about it.

    Lastly I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a fantastic review. It's the first one I read so I am very humbly thankful and relieved! It's funny you should mention listening to my music in a convertible car because that's what I've been aiming for all the time (although they're not too useful in cold Sweden). So let's get the album, rent a car each, and go to sunny California!

  2. @ David Myhr:
    Thanks for your post! I think you're in good company at Lojinx (Bleu, David Mead, Farrah, Fountains Of Wayne, Brendan Benson, Benn Lee... !) Keeping fingers crossed for German gigs.