Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fernando Perdomo - Warm

"Warm" is the debut album from former Dreaming in Stereo front-man Fernando Perdomo, released in 2014.
Perdomo, an American singer-songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist and record producer delivered nothing less than an excellent debut from start to finish.
Just listen to "Home Is Where You Are", "Photographers In Love", "Girl With A Record Collection", "We Fight" and "On Sunday Morning". Instant love!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Music - February 2016 (Paul Steel, Rooney, Fuzzy Fox, Emitt Rhodes, Kelly Jones, King Charles, Bleu)

Paul Steel

The PledgeMusic campaign for April & II is going on. Beware! Listen to the first song and you will have to pledge. It's stunning.


 A new Rooney record may be out in 2016. The first song ("Come On Baby") is already out:

Fuzzy Fox

Fuzzy Vox' new album "NO LANDING PLAN" (which will be out on February 26) has been recorded in Los Angeles last summer by Andy Brohard & Ryan Castle (Wolfmother, Primal Scream, Black Angels).
Here's the first single and video for "DISTRACTED" :


Emitt Rhodes

The long awaited (I can't think out any record where this phrase fits more than here. In the worst case you waited 43 years...) new record of Emitt Rhodes will be out February 26, 2016. Here is "Isn't It So" from "Rainbow Ends":

Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones

"Little Windows" is a duet record by Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones (out April 1, 2016) looks like a promising project.

King Charles

Remember King Charles? His debut was a big surprise for me. Now he is back with the difficult number two. "Gamble For A Rose" is definitely more accessible at first listen.

The Sonic Executive Sessions

A half-dozen of demos from the second album of The Sonic Executive Sessions was out on Soundcloud for a short time. My favourite was "Welcome to the Circus". PowerPop at its best (and a lot of Jellyfish too).

McAuley & Alexz Johnson

A duet record of Bleu McAuley & Alexz Johnson will be out in 2016. More info very soon.