Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mick Terry - Days Go By

"Days Go By" is the follow up to 2010's debut "The Grown Ups" from UK based Mick Terry.

Mick's long awaited, "difficult 2nd" album is a mix of Power Pop, '70's AOR, Motown and Americana combined with the melodic storytelling that Mick is known for.

The lead single "Emily Come Back" is a fine example of his work. The record is filled with songs of IndiePop prettiness. "Ignorance Is Bliss" is my personal favourite - there are some awesome harmonies!

Produced by Jim Boggia, the album features musicians like Tracy Bonham, Richard Causon (Ryan Adams, Jayhawks, Ray Davies), Dana Myzer (Cotton Mather, Farrah), Henrik Irgens (Natalie Imbruglia, Jamie Lawson). Rosalie Deighton also guests providing the sublime harmony vocals on the beautiful duet, "Riverbend".
Recorded in London, Philadelphia and New York, these 10 new songs written by Mick and expertly arranged and curated by Jim Boggia are the sound of a truly magical collaboration between the artist and his producer.

Start with: Ignorance Is Bliss, Emily Come Back, Everybody's Talking

"Days Go By" will have its vinyl release date on 30th October 2018. Buy it here:

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bird Streets (John Brodeur, Jason Falkner) (Review)

Bird Streets is the musical endeavor of songwriter John Brodeur, who released his first solo recordings nearly two decades ago.  The record is a collaboration between Brodeur and power-pop legend Jason Falkner, and features guest appearances from Miranda Lee Richards and Luther Russell.

Bird Streets became a mélange of John Brodeur's solo work and Jason Falkner's influences.

If you are desperately looking for a new record by Dan Wilson / Semisonic ("Carry Me Home", "Last Resort"), PowerPop highlights ("Betting On The Sun", "Until The Crown"), Bleu ("Stop To Breathe") or Jellyfish - this is your record.
And it may be nothing less than my personal record of the year.

Listen to: Stop To Breathe, Betting On The Sun, Carry Me

Mike Viola - The American Egypt (Review)

The new album of Mike Viola - The American Egypt - is out NOW! The release was scheduled for late 2018, but Mike decided not to wait and got it out digitally (Vinyl and CD will follow in winter 2018).

A new release by the one and only Mike Viola is always quite special to me. While Lurch or Hang on Mike are PowerPop records in perfection, there were also Just Before Dark or Acousto de Perfecto showing his insanely awesome singer-songwriter skills.
So, there is "The American Egypt". And it's different, quite different.

The American Egypt is multi layered, rich of complex harmonies and lyrics and you will need some time until it unfolds completely. But it's absolutely worth it.
Just listen to the album from start to finish with good over-ear headphones!

Collins is pure Rock 'n' Roll, Sunset America will brings you to tears with its lyrics and harmonies, Snow Face a 9 minute long (!) masterpiece and Dr. Frankenstein is musically from another world.

Listen first to: King Kong Hand, Dr. Frankenstein, Collins, Sunset America

You can stream it on Youtube and Apple Music or buy it at

New Music - September 2018

Chris Price - Dalmatian (Vinyl)

Chris Price will give the "Dalmatian" album the treatment it deserves: the Vinyl release will be around November 2018!

Mike Viola - The American Egypt (CD/Vinyl)

Mike Viola released his latest record "The American Egypt" surprisingly early in July 2018. The physical release (CD and Vinyl) is scheduled for winter 2018.
Mike also talked about two EPs (?) and a single release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja" along with an exclusive B-Side.

Marc Martel - My Way 2 - Queen EP 

Marc Martel continues his EP series with number 2: The EP will be themed around Queen, which means it can only be marvelous (out October 19, 2018)!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bent Van Looy - Yours Truly

Bent Van Looy is back with his 3rd record: "Yours Truly", produced (again) by Jason Falkner in Los Angeles.
The first two albums ("Round The Bend", "Pyjama Days") are both a stunning piece of art.  I highly recommend to listen to them.

"The Open Road" is the first single. Listen to it below.  "Yours Truly" will be released on the 5th of October 2018.