Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bird Streets (John Brodeur, Jason Falkner) (Review)

Bird Streets is the musical endeavor of songwriter John Brodeur, who released his first solo recordings nearly two decades ago.  The record is a collaboration between Brodeur and power-pop legend Jason Falkner, and features guest appearances from Miranda Lee Richards and Luther Russell.

Bird Streets became a mélange of John Brodeur's solo work and Jason Falkner's influences.

If you are desperately looking for a new record by Dan Wilson / Semisonic ("Carry Me Home", "Last Resort"), PowerPop highlights ("Betting On The Sun", "Until The Crown"), Bleu ("Stop To Breathe") or Jellyfish - this is your record.
And it may be nothing less than my personal record of the year.

Listen to: Stop To Breathe, Betting On The Sun, Carry Me

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  1. Great to hear Jason Falkner is still making music. Speaking of Jason, I just listened to the new Enuff Z'nuff album, Diamong Boy. Check out the song 'Love Is On The Line' which is a blatant rip-off of Jason's 'Afraid Himself to Be'. I have tried to check the internet, to see if he is co-credited, but I couldn't find anything about the songcredits. If he isn't, he sure can sue them. And so can The Beatles, whose 'For No One', is ripped off on that same album in the end song 'Imaginary Man'.