Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mike Viola - The American Egypt (Review)

The new album of Mike Viola - The American Egypt - is out NOW! The release was scheduled for late 2018, but Mike decided not to wait and got it out digitally (Vinyl and CD will follow in winter 2018).

A new release by the one and only Mike Viola is always quite special to me. While Lurch or Hang on Mike are PowerPop records in perfection, there were also Just Before Dark or Acousto de Perfecto showing his insanely awesome singer-songwriter skills.
So, there is "The American Egypt". And it's different, quite different.

The American Egypt is multi layered, rich of complex harmonies and lyrics and you will need some time until it unfolds completely. But it's absolutely worth it.
Just listen to the album from start to finish with good over-ear headphones!

Collins is pure Rock 'n' Roll, Sunset America will brings you to tears with its lyrics and harmonies, Snow Face a 9 minute long (!) masterpiece and Dr. Frankenstein is musically from another world.

Listen first to: King Kong Hand, Dr. Frankenstein, Collins, Sunset America

You can stream it on Youtube and Apple Music or buy it at Amazon.com.


  1. Mahalo for sharing. Excited that the album got released earlier than anticipated. :-)

  2. what a disappointment!

    1. This is a GREAT album!!! How on earth could you be disappointed?

    2. Taste in music is ... relative. Not everyone will like it. This may not be the aim for an artist like him. You don't want to end like Coldplay ;-)

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