Friday, May 25, 2012

Amanda Palmer - New album via

The incredible Amanda Palmer is working on her new record and it's crowd funded:

Listen and download to the new single "Do It With A Rockstar" at the official website. Did I mention it's incredible?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ben Folds Five - New Album pre-sale via crowd funding

You can preorder the new Ben Folds Five album (!) here:

Young Hines - Give Me My Change

On September, 20th 1976 a nurse wrote "Young Mr. Hines" on the patient info sheet for the yet to be named newborn child. "Young" seemed perfectly fitting to his parents, and it stuck.

One day out of the clear blue sky Young Hines got an email from none other than Brendan
Benson containing a cover of one of Young's own songs. He came across Young’s music by
chance when friends of Young, who happened to be painting Benson’s house, were
listening to one of his demos as they worked.

The two had an instant creative connection. He moved to Nashville, where he recorded the album Give Me My Change with Benson. It's released on Lojinx in the UK and Europe, and on Benson’s newly formed ReadymadeRecords in the US.

Track list:
01. Young Again
02. Give Me My Change
03. Don't Break My Fall
04. I Ask This of You
05. Keep Me Goin'
06. No One Knows
07. Just Say No (Sometimes)
08. Hold You and Scold You
09. Rainy Day
10. Better Things
11. Can't Explode
12. Lost in the Mix
13. Forever Young

The whole record is very versatile, and that's a good thing. Just compare Forever Young to Can't Explode - who would think that these songs are from one single artist?

Listen to: 
Don't Break My Fall, Better Things, Rainy Day, Just Can't Say No (Sometimes), Forever Young

Young Hines did a short Q&A with me: 

What do you think about crowd funding (e.g. kickstarter)?
YH: I believe it's up to each artist. I personally think the ones that raise money for tools that benefit the many rather than an individual have a better shot and are a bit more respectable.

CD or Vinyl?

YH: vinyl

The Beatles or The Beach Boys?
YH: wouldn't have been one without the other. Love them both!

Chicago or Nashville?
YH: love them both but the Nashville weather is better for me

Digital download or physical medium?
YH: physical medium

Record store or iTunes?
YH: record store


Chesney Hawkes - Real Life Love

Do you know Chesney Hawkes? You sure do. The 90s, long ago...

In 1991 when he was 19, he had his biggest single (The One and Only) from the soundtrack of Buddy's Song, a film he also performed in. It was written by Nik Kershaw. The song was used in a bunch of other movies, such as in Doc Hollywood, Moon, Source Code.

So, is he a stereotye of an one hit wonder? Far wrong. The album Another Fine Mess is filled with gems of songs. Listen below! (songs you should listen to: Another Fine Mess, Overrated, Stay Away Baby Jane)

Discography (Albums):
  • Buddy's Song OST/The One and Only  (1991)
  • Get The Picture (1993) 
  • The Very Best Of (2005) 
  • Another Fine Mess (2007) 
  • Me My Mouse & I (2009) 
  • Real Life Love (2012)

The reason I write about him now is:
He is making a new record, called Real Life Love. And it's financed by crowd funding. You'll find more information at

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ben Folds Five - Do It Anyway (new track!)

Ben Folds posted a link to the new Ben Folds Five track Do It Anyway:

You can download it here:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brendan Benson - What Kind Of World

After five solo albums and two Raconteurs records Brendan Benson has just released What Kind Of World.

What I mostly remember is when I discovered his music years ago was that I thought "He has this very unique sound, no-one else is similar". And that's why my first record from him (Alternative To Love) was in constant rotation on my stereo for a very long time.
Every record from him had superb songs, but I personally think What Kind Of World is his most consistent work until today. 

Track list:
01 What kind of world
02 Bad for me
03 Light of day
04 Happy most of the time
05 Keep me
06 Pretty baby
07 Here in the deadlights
08 Met your match
09 Thru the ceiling
10 No one else but you
11 Come on
12 On the fence


Bad For Me, Light of Day, Pretty Baby, What Kind of World

Purchase it at,, or at Lojinx (digital, CD and vinyl - Lojinx has a special package with CD/vinyl & T-Shirt).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

News May 2012

Farrah - Bees & Honey

The 3CD + DVD box set of Farrah - filled with demos, rare songs and videos - can be purchased at 1977 Records (you can order directly by email).

Mike Viola - Acousto De Perfecto

Mike Viola will release his new record Acousto De Perfecto July 17 2012 (estimated release date).

Mike also playing a gig in London at The Troubadour on June 21 2012, which hints an European release - yay! And I hope for more shows in London - and I'll do my best to be there!

The Beach Boys - That's Why God Made the Radio

The 29th record of The Beach Boys will be out June 5 2012. The first single will be also called That's Why God Made the Radio.

Air Traffic Controller - Nordo

The new album Nordo of Air Traffic Controller will be out June 12 2012. You can already listen to Blame, a truly wonderful song (produced by Bleu):

Ben Folds Five - New Album & Tour

The new record of Ben Folds Five is estimated for an August 2012 release. 

There will be also a tour: 
  • North America: September - October
  • after that Australia 
  • UK/Ireland: November - December