Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still looking for christmas gifts? - On sale now:

Brandon Schott - Holiday Sale
All of Brandon Schott's released output in one big package - autographed by the man himself:
1. "RELEASE" album (CD - 2003)
2. "GOLDEN STATE album (CD - 2007)
3. "DANDELION album (Digital Only Release - available this season in full-fidelity audio on a home-made CD-R w/ special limited edition packaging. Featuring new artwork by local LA artist, John Seymore)
4. Home-Made Bonus "MIX" CD-R - filled w/ Brandon's iTunes singles in full-fidelity audio as well as a couple of bonus tracks exclusive to this collection!
5. Special Bonus Surprise CD
6. AND a Special Bonus (Awesome) Gift!
PRICE: $33 including shipping and handling
NOTE: Please be sure to specify who you'd like your CDs signed to (if at all).
Buy it here.

Mike Viola - Hang On Mike & Melon
"Melon" is available on amazon and itunes now.
"Hang On Mike" on vinyl with 27 bonus tracks (mp3s) Will ship in time for Christmas (domestic). They are super deluxe editions... just gorgeous... the artist who did the CD artwork did the vinyl GATEFOLD edition... and it's remastered for vinyl. Sounds incredible. AND... there are 27 crazy bonus tracks. Songs in progress. Songs that didn't make the cut. Songs half finished. Weirdo studio Candy Butchers jamming.
You can buy it at Mike's site here.

Ned Brower (from Rooney) - Great To Say Hello
Ned's first solo CD is available directly on his website here as CD or at itunes. You can preview it there too. By the way: it's produced by Mike Viola.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Album Top 10 of 2010

So, here are my fav records of the year 2010:

1. Bleu - FOUR (Highlight: Ya Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar, How Blue)

2. Guster - Easy Wonderful (Highlight: Bad Bad World, Stay With Me Jesus)

3. Aqualung - Magnetic North (Highlight: Fingertip, Reel Me In)

4. Jeremy Fisher - Flood (Highlight: Shine A Little Light)

5. Justin Currie - The Great War (Highlight: The Way That It Falls)

6. Rooney - Eureka (Highlight: I Can't Get Enough)

7. OK Go - Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky (Highlight: End Love - also the video!)

8. Mark Bacino - Queens English (Highlight: Middle Town, Queens English)

9. Owsley - Changes (no offical release, but an excellent collection of unreleased stuff by Pop Fair - RIP Will. Highlight: Changes, When Lonely Comes Around)

10. Darwin Deez - Darwin Deez (Highlight: Radar detector, Up in the clouds)