Sunday, February 11, 2018

Review: Mike Viola - Electro de Perfecto

Mike Viola: Electro De Perfecto. Ten tacks. And a quite new direction. It's not like its forerunner Lurch at all.

1. Columbus Day Parade: A straight, fast and energetic opener.

2. Get You Back: I demand this to be a single, played by all radio stations. My daughter (18 months old) loves it, too.

3. El Mundo De Perfecto: For me it's the central song of the whole record. Wonderful.

4. Soundtrack Of My Summer: I listen to this song for a while now (it surfaced a while ago on soundcloud). It was the soundtrack of my summer! 

5. Closet Cutter: For me it was a grower, just like ...

6. Field of Guns 'n' Roses:... this one ...

7. Me And My Drinking:... and this. I didn't like all three at first very much. Now I do. 

8. Here's The Rub: Stuck in my head. Immediately. Be careful!

9. Inside Out: At the moment my least favorite song on the album (but this changes after every listen - in a positive way. How do you do this, Mike?)

10. When The Stars Are Against You: A strong closing of the album. I love the vibe.

It's out in digital form, the physical record (CD and vinyl) will be released on 4th of October. You can preorder it at Amazon worldwide (US, UK, DE).


  1. El Mundo, Closet Cutter, Field of Guns and Roses and Inside Out were instantly my favorites!

  2. I thought Inside Out was the best song! I do agree though that ALL of his songs grow on you in different ways over time. Mmmmm. Fabulous!