Sunday, January 30, 2011


Just a quick note: I discovered vinyl. And I LIKE it.

Having 2 or 3 vinyl LPs and no record player lead me to buy one some weeks ago. Now I find myself browsing flea markets and the internet for old LPs. What the heck? :-)

Already spinning on my record player:
  • Mike Viola - Hang On Mike / Lurch / Melon
  • Frank Sinatra - Live At The Sands / In The Wee Small Hours
  • Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree
  • Queen - The whole discography (my favorites: Innuendo / Queen II / Made In Heaven / News Of The World / A Day At The Races)
  • Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue
  • Robbie Williams - Swing When You're Winning (yes, I like this one!)
  • Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around
  • The Beatles - 1
  • Elvis Presley - 30 # One Hits
  • Jim Boggia - Misadventures in Stereo (Mono Version!)
Coming soon:
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5:55
  • Air - Moon Safari / Pocket Symphony
  • Freddie Mercury & Monserrat Caballe - Barcelona
  • Ron Sexsmith - Time Being
Any suggestions for LPs?


  1. The vinyl version of 'Hang On Mike' is absolutely beautiful... I really want to pick up 'Melon'.

  2. If you're enjoying the anologue sound from pieces of vinyl, may I suggest Steely Dan's 'Aja'? It sounds superb on the classic, "old fashioned" format.

  3. sod the original abc pressing of aja and get the 2007 cisco pressing, it's expensive but there's no better way to hear this album.

    my favorite steely dan album is gaucho (and it has the best production quality of all steely dan albums from the classic period 72-80)

    the best sounding pressing of gaucho is the 2003 hybrid sacd pressing and it sounds stupendous.

    and yes, probably a notch better than the vinyl version

    do you really want snap, crackles and pops when you could have the exact same playback quality everytime from an sacd?

    sacd was set to replace vinyl and it's a damn shame it hasn't