Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jim Boggia

To be influenced by the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel or Brian Wilson isn't a bad thing for a songwriter, is it? Jim Boggia, a songwriter and performer from Philadelphia proves this can be actually a excellent mix: Jim has become a fixture in the pop scene in the last ten years: in 2001, Boggia released his first full-length studio album "Fidelity is the Enemy", following "Safe In Sound" in 2005 and "Misadventures in Stereo" in 2008.

Remembering Jim playing on the ukulele at The Borderline in London last year and performing "I hate New York" or "Listening to NRBQ" or "No Way Out" with Bleu and Tracy Bonham brings back memories of a tremendous concert.

Listen to three of his best songs here:

Official website: www.jimboggia.com


  1. Nice blog.

    You can also hear Jim playing & singing on my debut record "The Grown Ups". You can check it out at www.mickterry.co.uk/

    Cheers, Mick Terry

  2. Thanks Mick. Just listening & like it :-)