Monday, May 22, 2017

Chris Price - Stop Talking (Review)

It is always a special (and quite seldom) moment when I finish to listen to a record for the first time and I instantly know this is an exceptional piece of work. Chris Price has achieved this with "Stop Talking".

The record is out now - and there are 14 reasons to buy it:

The opener and title track "Stop Talking" is so different and promising, it leaves you asking where this record is heading to. To clarify this: it's heading not in one direction, rather into a wide variety of genres, reminiscences to pathbreaking artists and through musical eras.
While "Man Down" is 70s McCartney, Nilsson and Rhodes in its best way, "Darkness" could also fit on "Sheer Heart Attack" or "Queen II" - the song is nothing less than a mini opera and an instant classic.  "You And Me (And Everyone Else)" and "Once Was True" shine, and I bet the late Freddie Mercury or Paul McCartney would have wished they'd written these songs.
"One Of Them" and "Just In Time" are playful and absolutely catchy tunes.
"Hi Lo" starts with acoustic guitar and intense vocals and slowly builds up to its climax.
Then there is "Pulling Teeth" - like a dream in minor keys, the heavier and intense "Algebra In The Sky" and "Contrition" (these harmonies!).

Finally: "Sigh". This is nothing less than a perfect pop song. It left me deeply impressed. "Sigh" is meant to be put on repeat. Get this on radio airplay in heavy rotation or in a soundtrack of a good movie, please!

Stop Talking is a hell of a record and hot candidate for my personal record of the year. It's highly recommended!

Listen to Stop Talking here (start with Stop Talking, Hi Lo, Sigh, Man Down, Darkness):

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