Monday, December 14, 2015

+ + + Musical Outlook for 2016 + + +

Chris Price - Uncle John

There's a new song from Chris Price out - hopefully followed by a new record in 2016. The first track ("Uncle John") is very promising! Listen to it at Bandcamp:

The Sonic Executive Sessions - Record #2

A demo version of the first track from the new record of The Sonic Executive Sessions sounded fab! "Welcome To The Circus" was at SoundCloud for some days - sadly it's not there anymore. The record is likely out in 2016.

Emitt Rhodes - Rainbow Ends

In 1973, after battling bad contracts and industry demands, Emitt Rhodes saw his last release, Farewell To Paradise. Emitt Rhodes never recorded another full-length LP. Until now.
Rainbow Ends coming February 26, 2016 from Omnivore Recordings - it is his first new album in 43 years.

Here is the first song from "Rainbow Ends" - "Dog On A Chain":

Emitt Rhodes at PledgeMusic.

Dan Wilson - New record

There's not much to say but: a new record of Dan Wilson is very likely be out in 2016. That's good news!

Paul Steel - April & II

Paul Steel will have a new album out in early 2016: April & II.

You can pre-order it (digital, CD, LP) and get much more stuff at his PledgeMusic campaign - NOW!

Paul explains: "‘April & I’ the first time round was a pre-emptive teenage rebellion against all the musical sacrifices I suspected I’d have to make once I’d signed a record deal. That was in 2007. 
I’m nearly 30 now, I have facial hair, hypothyroidism, occasional back problems and I’ve been working as a commercial pop writer and producer where my own personal musical sacrifice has earned me a living. However, more and more I’ve been craving that rush you get from making music for its own sake. 
After a few years of nothingness, I had a thought. Then shortly after another different thought appeared. Then another. And another. By the end of 2014 I could count at least 20 different thoughts and observations roughly speaking! This giddy feeling of infinite possibility and inspiration took me straight back to the ‘April & I’ days so it made sense for this new record to be a sequel."

The Honeydogs- New untitled record

In 2016 The Honeydogs will have a new record out - pre-order will start at PledgeMusic this December (a link and more information will follow soon).

Travis - Everything At Once

Travis will be back in 2016 with a new album: "Everything At Once".
The first track is quite unusual for Travis - it's heavier than expected. The video is also well worth watching!


  1. The Mike Benign Compulsion should have a release (their fourth full-length) in 2016, as well...

  2. A gift from Emitt!