Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chris Price - Homesick

How about recording a full album for 10 US$? You don' think this is possible? You are wrong.

Singer-songwriter Chris Price recorded his first solo album Homesick completely on his own iPhone (using an App called 4 Tracks).
The result is a pure Power-Pop 1960s style LP with a hint of E.L.O., Queen and lots of The Beatles.

Start listen to: Outside Looking In, Up In Flames, Wrong Time

Buy Homesick on iTunes (digital) or Bandcamp (digital + CD).

Chris Price at Facebook


  1. Taylor Locke (Chris's musical partner in The Roughs band) is from Rooney, not Chris ;-) (but Kickass article!)

  2. Sorry, I mixed this up completely. I already updated the post.

    1. see u tomorrow at the show!!