Friday, May 24, 2013

Bleu ft. Alexz Johnson - Bottom Of My Heart [Official Video]

Buy  To Hell With You - the new record from Bleu - @

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  1. Hey man! I love your blogg and have been following it for over two years now. Loads of new artist has been discovered to my ears thanks to you. A big thanks for that! I was trying to find contact information for you to share the info on an album Id love for you to check out!

    Im releasing my debut album "Love In A Mixtape" this summer and Id love to give you the whole album as an exclusive download. But since I cant find an email Im posting it here. You can delete this comment when you´ve read it if you want to.

    The exclusive download is available here: (full album download + album cover art and a press release).
    You can also find some of the tracks on soundcloud, spotify and reverbnation if you´d rather wanna listen there.

    Thanx for your time and keep up the awesome work your doing!

    / Magnus Sorensen