Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pugwash - The Olympus Sound

Pugwash is a band I stumbled upon again and again in the last years. Haper from Popfair posted several times about them. I don't know why, but I ignored them for a long time. With their last record The Olympus Sound I had finally a listen. 

The Olympus Sound is their fifth full album. It was recorded at Abbey Road studios in London with guests like Ben Folds, Andy Partridge and David Gregory (from XTC).

If you like ELO (Answers On A Postcard, Here We Go Round Again), The Beatles (To The Warmth Of You), wall of sound (There You Are), powerpop (Fall Down), The Beach Boys (Be My Friend Awhile), Ben Folds on piano (Dear Belinda) - and beautiful harmonies than you really should list to The Olympus Sound.

Highlights: Every song. Really. Period.

One more thing: The track list is somewhat ... difficult:

Original tracklist:
1. Answers on a postcard
2. There you are
3. The warmth of you
4. Fall down
5. Be my friend a while
6. Dear Belinda
7. 15 Kilocycle tone
8. I don't like it but I gotta do it
9. Here we go 'round again
10. Such beauty thrown away
11. See you mine (Coda)
12. Four days

With the single Answers on a Postcard you get the B-Side Heal Me.
iTunes has also two exclusive bonus songs called You Can Build A House On Love and August Born.
Lojinx releases the record in Europe on April 2 2012 along with Heal Me ... and two completely new songs which gives you the following additional track list:

13. Heal me (bonus)
14. Happy again (bonus)
15. Waltz with me (bonus) 

It's simple, right?

I recommend buying the Lojinx CD version and if necessary the iTunes version, too (you can't buy the two exclusive iTunes tracks separately - thank you Apple ...).

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