Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jellyfish on vinyl!

From Scott Travis via Facebook: "Pop quiz. What band released only 2 CDs with 22 original tunes... only to also have a 4-disc 80-song box set, 2 official best of CDs, countless bootlegs and an import EP, a 35-track tribute double-disc and now both original CDs on colored, remastered vinyl 20 years later?"

Both main records of Jellyfish will be on vinyl on September 27 2011 via Omnivore Recordings and

The first 1500 records of each album are on translucent vinyl (
Bellybutton in blue and Spilt Milk in purple) with the original gatefold sleeve.

Great news!

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  1. Cool beans! How can I send you info about a new album by an indie powerpop artist?