Saturday, May 1, 2010

+ + + News May 2010 + + +

I'm still shocked about the sad loss of Will Owsley.
But I want to give you a music news update for may 2010:

Mike Viola: Three albums in 2010 & Vinyl!
Mike has a new band: VICTOR. The new album "Electro De Perfecto" will be released soon.
He produces also CD with Ned Brower (from Rooney) called "Great To Say Hello" und finally works on a Kelly Jones & Mike Viola duet EP. All this in 2010? Maybe. But there's more:
"Hang On Mike", the last Candy Butchers album will get a re-release on vinyl. Mike is looking through demos and unreleased material (39 songs!) and wants to include this in the package as mp3s.
Read more here.

Ron Sexsmith
Ron finished his new record. Seems it will be released in 2010.
Producer is Bob Rock, who also worked with Metallica, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, the Cult, Our Lady Peace or the Offspring.

The new Aqualung CD "Magnetic North" was released some days ago. Have a listen!

David Mead
... is just now creating a new album of sun-themed music called Vitamin D. He writes in his blog: "Vitamin D is produced by our bodies when we are exposed to sunlight. It makes us happy. Until we are burnt to a crisp."
He already posted 3 songs here.

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