Friday, April 2, 2010

Mike Viola

There are so many awesome artists - I will start with my current favorite: Mike Viola.
Most people will know him by the soundtrack for the movie "That Thing You Do" and the song of the same title.

What you SHOULD know about him (besides this great song) is his music as The Candy Butchers, his collaborations with another fav of mine - Bleu - in bands like LEO and The Major Labels, as well es his solo stuff. I suggest you start with

Mike Viola - Hair Of The Dog (Live)


  1. Does anyone have Mike Viola's "Temple of Static" ?????

  2. Well, yes. I'm a not sure to share it, because it was an official release. But it's out of print. So... just contact me per mail.

  3. PowerPop Square is my new favorite blog!
    Mike VIola Bleu and Owsley...all favorites!

    Would you happen to have Mike VIola's Candy Butchers debut? It is sometimes called the Blue Thumb debut. NEver officially released, though he was supposed to have made it available, but i haven't found it.

    Thanks for all the great music!


    Jon in US

  4. Hi Jon,
    thanks! I'm glad to have the "Blue Thumb" album as a promo CD (I bought the "Live at LaBonbonniere" EP - they sent me the Blue Thumb CD :-)
    Hope you like my future posts!

  5. Hi guys!

    I hope that this message finds you all well. Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Baz Francis from England and I have seen that you are big Mike Viola fans like myself. I was wondering if someone could do me a huge favour: would you be so kind as to e-mail me the MP3s to Candy Butchers' 'Blue Thumb Album' and Mike Viola’s ‘Temple Of Static? I am more than happy to pay you for your troubles.

    I'm positively dying to hear these records in full, especially after meeting the main man himself in London on Monday night no less. My e-mail address is: and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best wishes in the meantime, Baz Francis.