Saturday, October 15, 2022

Mike Viola - Paul McCarthy ( & new album) - also: the attempt to create a "The Best Of Mike Viola"

Mike Viola is back!

His brand new song "Paul McCarthy" is out on digital platforms NOW!
If you look closer to the cover, you will recognize Brendon Urie (Panic at the Disco!) and Jake Sinclair (producer of Weezer, Fallout Boy and Panic at the Disco!) in the background...

Also: The new album will follow in January 2023!


Mike Viola - The Best Of

I made the (almost impossible) attempt to create a The Best Of Mike Viola collection of all the official records, songs that didn't make it on an album - and even not official released stuff. When I collected all my favourites, the result was six (!) overfull records! 

So I tried to cut it down to a double album. Sadly almost half of the songs are not avaliable on streaming platforms. But still ... *drumroll* here is the result:


Here is the full list (including songs, that are not available on streaming platforms):

Mike Viola - The Best Of

Disc 1

01 Maybe Maybe Not (from "Lurch")

02 The Strawberry Blonde (from "Lurch")

03 Falling Into Place (from "Falling Into Place")

04 It Does A Number On My Brain (from "Bitten and Cursed EP")

05 That Thing You Do! - The Wonders (from "That Thing You Do soundtrack")

06 Hair Of The Dog (from "Just Before Dark")

07 Get You Back (from "Electro de Perfecto")

08 So Much Better (from "Lurch")

09 The Wind (from "Songs for Sandy Hook")

10 Rock N' Roll Denny's (from "Ghoul")

11 El Mundo De Perfecto (from "Electro de Perfecto")

12 You Belong To Me Now (from "Play With Your Head")

13 She Thinks She's In Love (from "Ghoul")

14 Paul McCarthy (from new album - out 2023)

15 Moving Forward (from "Ghoul")

16 Time For Everything To Change (from "Ghoul")

17 Hang On Mike (from "Hang On Mike")

18 King Kong Hand (from "American Egypt")

19 Unexpected Traffic (from "Hang On Mike")

20 Motel Mood (from "Lurch" - B-Side)

21 Start Of Something (unreleased)

22 Good Ideas Grow On Trees (from "Lurch")

23 Oh! Darling (Live) (unreleased)

24 Number Crunch (from "Just Before Dark")

25 Hunker Down (from "Hang On Mike")

26 Just Before Dark (from "Just Before Dark")


Disc 2

01 USA Up All Night (from "Godmuffin")

02 Soundtrack Of My Summer (from "Electro de Perfecto")

03 Cupid Complained to Venus (from "Candy Butchers")

04 Clusterfuck (from "Just Before Dark")

05 Sparkle! (from "Hang On Mike")

06 I Let Her Get Away (from "Play with your Head")

07 Be My Baby (from "Ghoul")

09 Superkid (from "Hang On Mike")

10 Something Electric (from "Lurch" - B-Side)

11 Break Your Heart (from "Falling Into Place")

12 Loving Is Enough (from "Ghoul")

13 Mutant Ninja Turtle (from "American Egypt")

14 Don't Want To Die In LA (from "Introducing Mike Viola - Japan Best Of")

15 Falling Into Place (Unplugged) (unreleased)

16 Can't We Do Anything Right (from "Falling Into Place")

17 Virginia (The Nines Cover) (unreleased)

18 Killing Floor (from "Falling Into Place")

19 California Girl (from "Live at La Bonboniere")

20 Sandi Bright (from "Just Before Dark")

21 Life Magazine (from "Candy Butchers")

22 Fall Back Down (Unplugged) (unreleased)

22 Secret Radio (from "Acousto de Perfecto")

23 Hair Of The Dog (Acousto) (from "Acousto de Perfecto")


  1. Nice mix. I’d say you’re missing “Collins”, “Field of Guns & Roses”, “Girly Worm” and “A Way To Say Goodbye”. Also disc 3 would need to include all Candy Butchers from the first EP and the Blue Thumb album.

  2. Great list, has all my favs too, but agree...A Way to Say G'bye (w Kelly Jones) would be a well as ANY duet w KJ!

  3. That is a great track list. Thanks for the playlist as well. Would it be possible to note the sources or versions of the tracks that are not on the playlist? Thanks so much.

  4. Great choices but missing Ordinary Girl which is a killer tune!